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Dawn Rebirth
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  • What do u mean by that? U mean the report I put in the story, yeah there will be more b4 the end and it pretty sums up wat happened 2 her
    It doesn't matter 2 me. I know u read the private message I gave u, PLZ don't tell me I gave u 2 much of a spoiler.
    By the way I'll be back on probably later on 2day. If I'm lucky enough I'll finally think of what missions she should do next. Also the story does take place late in 358/2 days but in a never b4 seen part of it that will either fit into the KH story we all know and love or actually change some things in it, but 4 now the next few will be simple missions similar to the ones in days.

    Dangit!!!!!! I gave u 2 much of a spoiler, oh well enjoy it.
    Yeah I'm not actually writing the new chapters right now just kinda thinking about them and since ur my friend I'll ive u a hint as to what the story is wrapped around with Destiny. Also could u tell me how to use spoiler tags thanks. I will send the spoiler in a private message since I don't know how to use spoiler tags.
    lock shock and barrel heard the rumor but added there own little spice to it when they told Axel. Since they're trick or treaters
    Sorry, itz just ive been thinking about the next few chapters and about u guyz telling me to take it slow so she'll just be doing missions for the next few chapters and then I'll get back to the real story about her.
    Don't worry, just take ur time and things will start to cum along. I just thought of the next two chapters and another disney character will appear in chapter 6
    Sup bro. Just lettin you know that by the end of tonight I should have at least 3 new chapters up.
    Yeah but I'm done for the night and idk if i'm gonna post a new chapter 2morrow but I'll see u then peace bro.
    Nothing happened it's just we never talked or posted nothin to each other, in the beginning it was cool, but I guess I just didn't hang out with him enough or somethin like I do with u and Bell.
    No I checked youtube, it might be somewhere on there, but I wouldn't try it see ya later.
    Gotta go, won't be back till 2morrow night so see ya later( I saw ur new chapters by the way) peace bro.
    Idk if it's on the website, but I do know they already have the show starting now on disney xd.
    So ru gonna post any new chapters for the futre that never was or ru ending it? 4 me well..... I've been thinking of new chapters 4 my story, but now I'm working on another one too(this one is a naruto fanfic[I just started it]) and now I have double the workload for me. lol, so wats up with u?
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