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Dawn Rebirth
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  • And I wasn't born in February, but March. I accidently put it in as that, but it should be March 27, 1995.
    Yeah I read it and its awesome! But will the charaters have more abilities soon like flying, teleporting, etc. nd maybe u should have lessend the group cuz there iz a lot of characters. Also ru going 2 make epic battles with ppl like other orginization members sent to hunt them down, Disney villians, or Leon & the crew. Just give me sum hintz on wat u doin cuz I hate cliffhanegers, they always kill me.
    Tell me your chapter and I'll post a review!
    Now please review my fic mang. I need some support.
    Check the latest chapter to my fan fic
    Yeah and your not young actually your older than me. And did u read Road to Dawn yet? It's pretty epic check it out.
    Sure, it doen't matter on here only some people will call u a kid, but that's them being immature. And call me Max. 1 more thing be sure to try 2 make friends with ppl by reading a fanfic of theirs or posting sumthing u kno try 2 be social, lik joining a writing group or something on here, gotta go I'll talk 2 u guys 2morrow.
    this a double post but, I figure it might not matter because it's my page but, I was reading Road to Dawn, but I wanted see some of the responses (including yours) first I'm on day 1: new also, if you want check out fict it's called The Futre the Never was I misspelled Future but, it's no biggie (I hope)
    well, it's sorta long but, "the gist of it" as Axel says In days is basically, everything that happen in KH happened except one, thing that is important right when Axel, Roxas were about to fight (right after time stops in the alternate TT) a guy in organization coat appeared, took Roxas away, the result is simple: Sora never woke up, Kairi never saw him again, Ansem the wise/DiZ never used the data gun witch resulted in his, Riku never got back his orignal form, and Demyx, Axel, Xigbar, Luxord, Saix, or Xemnas were destroyed the organization grew for 30 years their up to 103 members, there was rumor that Xemnas planned to destroy them(which I do beliveve was his intent) 7 of the member left 3 years earlier, that pretty much it. I didn't want to point it out because, I didn't know what the response be but most of the worlds (including the one their on now) are world based on video game but, will try to balance it out with FF charaters, and Disney worlds.
    Dude check out the story of Road to Dawn and Fate of a Hero, they are pretty good fanfics written by ma friend Bell
    your welcome, can't wait for your new fanfiction try your best but, don't too hard, try too hard, and the odds of picking the wrong door become more likely
    Thnks it's nice 2 have someone right now who isn't buggin me bout it being horrible and all. But it doen't matter since I'm makin a new fanfiction
    His Japanese name is Zehanato but I'll definetely have him to Xehanort to make things easier.

    The fanfic will be epic. At least things get REALLY interesting with Axel
    Mind if you read a fanfic of mines. A Keybearer's Journey. I'll appreciate it
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