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  • I’m so sorry for missing your message. I’ve been watching a lot of My Hero Academia. Along with my English class
    Alright, I figured your avatar was from attack on titan, I can recognize the style.
    For the record, i always imagined you with a deep, calming voice. Maybe it's just the name "DarkGrey Heroine" that tipped me off. I've got a similar kind of voice, mine is deep and serious. Since i live on the east coast, I can;t really say I've got an accent per se, not everyone here has a Boston or New York accent. but apparently other people in different parts of america are able to tell where we're from just by listening to us. So i guess i just have a straightforward way of speaking.
    Hey Grey, i see that you've changed your avatar again, seems like everyone's doing that these days.
    I know i'm messaging you out of the blue but i've got to know....
    Do you have an accent?
    I know, really strange question, but you know how when you read other people's messages or forum posts, you tend to read it in their voice (or what you believe they would sound like in your headcanon). That's what i'm trying to figure out.
    Yes, and he has dialogue in (at least two..I think) worlds other than Monsters Inc.!!!!


    Not sure if you know this detail(it's a bit older) but He isn't a time-traveled individual, he is fully revived in the present. That detail in itself makes a world of difference, as he is no longer fated to just fade back to his time to live out his BBS life, he is alive in the present!! Anything could happen with him!
    Just found out Darin De Paul does the voice for J. Jonah Jameson in the new Spider-Man game.
    Heyo, haven't really talked in awhile!
    I've gotten caught up on all Marvel movies except for Black Panther and Ant Man and the Wasp, other than that I'm pretty much good for the movies. My family made the mistake of watching a lot of movies in the wrong order and it kinda ruined the feeling to it. It's so bad it makes me cringe thinking about it.
    And ever since Infinity War my family been discussing theories of what the next movies may bring, and honestly sometimes their theories have me stumped.
    But other than watching movies galore and having my first football game to perform at, I've actually been quite busy for my summer up until now. So how are you doing this summer? Have plans?
    awww so your tablet screwed up and you have to get a new one? but still I loved the chibi you did anyway
    Yes it can as I now know full well; trying to replace that with exercise and playing games and just keeping my hands busy.

    It is working, so hopefully I'll be down to a more normal weight for my height in a year or two (190lb, or roughly about 86 kg, just so you know; that's what I'm aiming for)

    Also in gaming news; I'm (I think) halfway though .hack Mutation and thinking about getting the new Digimon Cyber Sleuth game soon. I don't think I'll be lacking in games before KH3 comes out with teh backlog and all, seriously.
    hey remember how we connected over Nana? I forgot to mention I ran into a Nana Osaki cosplayer at my local con
    Yep the weight loss is good news. I discovered that I was 100lb (about 46kg) overweight, which isn't a surprise since after I graduated from college, I bored-ate and stress-ate a lot, which well. You can guess what happens.

    I got a ways to go and I won't be surprised if this month, I lost less b/c well, the body does not like to let go of excess weight. I'm trying to get better habits so hopefully once I get it the frick off, it'll stay off. Basically I'm tracking what I eat, trying to watch portions, and just getting more exercise.
    Sis is up to her usual tricks, so trying to stay well out of her way, that's what. Also she's been grumpier than usual, so there's a lot of good reasons to stay out of her way.

    As for good news: last time I went to the doc, I've lost 21 lbs (that's about 9kg btw); I'm not expecting to lose the rest of my pudge so fast though, it'll slow down. It's really good news though.I'm pretty overweight so glad to know i'm losing it. ^^
    I don't know about that whole "calming feel" in the game, but i can't see myself doing that. When i attempted my platinum runs on 1.5+2.5, I would often have an intense focus on the battles, usually peaking during ton thhe middle of it. So i guess it just depends on the person and not the game. props to you though for marching through hell in that regard.
    Tch, I've heard of dark souls runs, used to know a girl in England who was obsessed with it. She used to always talk about the intense difficulty and encouraged me to join her, but I decided against it. Considering my standing with the data bosses on critical mode in KH2, I think I made the right decision. I know that those kinds of games require intense reflexes (which I have, I've been video gaming all of my life, they're not the issue) and the patience of a saint, but i'm not one for "gritty" games.
    What remains of my summer consists of a lot of sitting around. Since I don't have a job, I have a lot of time on my hands and I think I've been using it wisely. If the situation calls for me to clean my house, I put on my anchor bandanna and vacuum, take out the trash, etc. I've been trying to platinum a game called "Until Dawn" which is a horror game that revolves around the butterfly effect. The game's extremely simple, few quick time events and holding the controller still, but the thing is, it's set up like a movie, and the cutscenes aren't skippable, so it's a lot of sitting around trying to keep 4 boys and 4 girls alive, then ensure none of them survive until dawn. Aside from that there isn't much I'm doing.
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