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  • Ahaha nah it's all good, I honestly don't really mind or care tbh and I think it's funny xD but thanks for the friend request c:
    Eyyyyyy I received the award it seems. Thanks for that, you're the first person. :3
    Oh it's very noticeable on here, and considering the fact i can look at things posted during the 2015-16 years I can really see how the forum was during those times. I try to emulate that generosity myself both irl and online, though mine is more of the "Chivalrous gentleman" feel who opens doors for people and tries to be as polite a human being as possible. I plan on studying animals, no reason to act like one.
    Oh, that's fantastic! i didn't think that you'd be online during your time at the university. And crucify you? no! i don't believe that.
    And yes, I do see you as having a sort of "motherly presence" here. Just the way you care about other people here, (like Voidgear, for example) just gave off those vibes.
    Hey Grey, it looks like September's almost over, and so will your extremely long break. It's sad, i'll miss your motherly presence on the forum. Hope you had a good time though.
    I think it is. And I"m just fine. Been playing though Dragon Quest 13..and having a blast. I don't know if it's out over there but if it is, I'd say it's a buy it if you like old skool rpgs. Ton of fun and even some humor; Won't say where but somewhere in the second half there's a incident which almost made me fall out of my chair, I was laughing so hard.

    I'm also surprised people are being aggressive; but then I tend to be quiet most of the time unless I got something to say. I got two chapters of my fic up, no bites yet on how people like it, and working on the last chapter myself btw. ^^
    oh lord I know right. Aha nice, I just turned 22 like a few weeks ago so I'm under the 25+ range that the site seems to be mostly of lol. Oh boy I really know that feeling, but sorry that you feel that way ;_; That was me 10 years ago but I joined a Spyro site back then xD I became very well known and finally felt welcome but as the years went by the friends I had left and lost communication with so I felt really out of place, hence I moved on to this site but never really joined much since things got better (as well as super busy) IRL after I joined. xD So I can relate heaps to what you're feeling. Hopefully after KH3 is released it won't be like this because new users will join. ;o;
    Ahaha niiiice xD
    Yeah I can see where you're coming from. I never knew much about the forums since I joined at a time I was super busy with study and still busy with things irl, but the atmosphere was definitely different back then and just more fun. Now I admit I get a bit of nervousness every time I post my own thoughts in fear that it would get shot down completely or get treated in a bad way. I think a lot of the users take things far too seriously, and probs doesn't help I'm a lot younger. But I guess the best thing to do is to just ignore at this stage. :\
    Ahh nah it's all good! I found it hilarious which is why I just left my comment there lol. I'm just bad at being sarcastic. And that would be amazing as my first award aha. xD Also I've seen the brother thread and I'm sorry you ended up feeling that way ;o;
    Have fun with Spidey, I already finished it and it's a really good game *-* One of the best Spiderman games definitely.
    It's still not a render, but at the very least now we have a Vanny in such a yandere pose, with his hand on his... helmet cheek.
    Yeah, in all this recent trailer kerfuffle I remembered what the trophies were called and just put them as my sig just cause xD

    I'm busy with the final college grad stuff, otherwise pretty good! How's life to you?
    You're fine, I've been busy myself.
    Yep, neither can I unhear it. I do rewatch movies in the right order at times. And yep, I'm glad my family are big nerds like me~
    Nice you catching up on gaming! I've been doing that too lately. Getting new games left and right, ranging from playing Spidey to Maize to Rocket League to Lego Worlds to more. I've been good lately, other than having to tell a guy I don't like him (he have crush on me but I don't for him) and thankfully he seemed to understand.
    Also, new KH3 trailer, woooooooahhh. My hype has now hit Pluto I'm so hyped!!!!!! :DDD
    Yes, it has! I am on here on and off but I used to be pretty active here! So I respond randomly and or when I'm not too busy, distracted, or attending to life and offline stuff. xD

    Ooh awesome, yay congrats then? Ooh okay those sound like awesome stuff! And ooh film photography, hmm I feel like I should know this but I'll ask so I don't make assumptions and ask, what is it again?

    Yes, and also this is unofficial but he's a Hufflepuff, nobody can convince me otherwise. xD I've seen the gameplay videos for the PS4 game Peter and he feels like how I imagined Peter Parker is in the comics (although I only read a few of it so don't know too much) but yes, I concur that he is perfect if he's as you described him to be! And hahaha I haven't seen too many videos on the game and behind the scenes and stuff apart from trailers and gameplay but that's awesome! Also Yuri Lowenthal does such a great job of voicing him so I love love LOVE PS4 game Peter/Spiderman! :D Yes, I also really love how immersive you feel in the game too which makes me even want it more because I love games when it feels like you're definitely taken into the world and whatnot if that makes sense. Yes, the web swinging and soundtrack is awesome and as for the other reasons, no worries, I understand that plus seeing how well recieved it is and hearing people when I watch a few game play videos enjoy it lets me know why it's already awesome but yeah, I cannot wait to experience this game! Yes, I hope so too and will definitely let you know when I get it! (Will probably be past when everybody's moved on to something else LOL! xD) <3 Also need the PS4 for KH3 as well as Crash and Spyro trilogy, some FF games, and other things soooo xD

    Ooh are you from Europe if you don't mind me asking? I know people in the States say college (unless I'm mistaken) but I know most people I met who are from Europe (and I think other countries too but don't quote me on that) say they go to uni rather than college. But just had to ask! ;w; Also October, that's cool you start school then but come again, you guys get out in July so it makes since you start later than most people who start this month or late last month! xD And yes, yes, enjoy that time with Spidey/Peter! :D

    I'm trying to get back into playing Pokemon since I haven't touched the game for awhile since I need to finish it. Slowly making my way towards Pokemon Sun but trying to get more into Ultra Sun since I been hearing so many great things about it plus Ultra Sun and Moon have awesome post game content and I'm enjoying it more than Sun since I have both Ultra Sun and Sun. The latter I got on the day after the release and the game is good but I wasn't feeling it at first but so far it's picking up. The first I got for my birthday earlier this year but didn't start playing until March I think? xD Also got my drivers' license over the summer which is a huge accomplishment for me since I had a fear of driving but after working on it in the summers with my dad and driving instructors especially after this year, I finally have a drivers' license but still trying to work on learning new routes and stuff so I can get used to going to places alone. ;w; I also saw the KH3 TGS 2018 trailer last night and I only had 3 hours of sleep so I couldn't type and or react properly but I was sobbing happy tears and the game looks amazing and do like the box cover too, so pretty! What are our thoughts on that? The KH3 trailer + boxart?

    Also can I ask what your name is?
    No worries! I haven't been here since a few months ago? So you're fine! I definitely understand about things being crazy busy since it has been so on my end as well! Ooh Art uni? That's cool! Can I ask what you're doing in terms of art? And ahh I understand! And awww I see! I hope you're having and or have had a relaxing vacation though!

    Hahaha right?! And yes, Tom's portrayal is one thing that makes me love the film and I love that he just captures Peter Parker really well too! And I know right?! And since you have, how is the game so far? Been hearing lots of wonderful and great things about it! Also been wanting to play the game but can't play it until I get a PS4 and I am broke so I need a job so I can save up and get it. T__T

    And hahaha definitely love the fangirling reply! ;w; Also thought I'd say hi so yeah. Also is uni back in session for you seeing now it's September or does it start back again later if you don't mind me asking? xD
    Hopefully when I have time this weekend I want to work on One Punch Frisk or my Kingdom Hearts RP. I've been playing Persona 5, and Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. Also I'm so happy that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting a remaster for the Switch and PS4.
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