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  • Thanks :p
    DeviantArt is perfectly fine, I already dropped a watch there
    You're right in wanting to keep your privacy, you never know
    Eh it's fine, Life just takes a priority sometimes and that's okay by me. Good to hear you've polished off one of your universities,
    Lately I've just been relaxing for quite some time, trying to expand my abilities bit by bit and generally reminiscing about my past successes.
    Hey Grey, heard you finished art university, congrats!
    How have you been? Have you been a good girl during those intense moments?
    Me personally, i've been fine.
    Another thing, real quick:
    I suspect this might not be the first time you hear this, but I don't think I'll be that active much longer on KHInsider.
    I don't want to make a drama out of it, so long story short the company here hasn't been the greatest in the past months and I got reminded more than once why I was never too fond of forums in the first place.

    Much like with other things, I'll stick around and see if KH III manages to liven up the atmosphere, then I'll decide for good. But I'm also going to avoid spoilers from now on, so... I'll probably steer clear of the forums too at some point.
    But with the members I had genuine fun with I do want to keep in touch, so eventually I'd love to exchange contacts with you and others (basically, if you have another place you hang around where I can follow you without feeling like a stalker)

    That is all, bye! Don't worry about sening an immediate reply, you busy artist person!
    (ps: officially graduated myself! Happy!)
    It's fine, I'm about to graduate from college myself so I understand your struggles really well :p (also congrats!)
    Plus I'm... trying to take a break from KH in general, so I'm even less active than before.
    I'm sorry to hear people gave you crap, I'm glad that's over o.o this only confirms my impression that artists have it rough.
    I hope my summer vacations will start soon too, but I also know I have to work on the final project, so mghhh... busy, busy, busy.
    But after summer games will be released, that will be when the fun begins.

    Speaking of which, can you believe I still haven't watch the E3 footage of Spiderman? D: I'll go catch up after this!
    And since you were late in replying... another hug! >:D
    Just fine, been making some Spotify playlists; Just made one just for sunday (Classical music, Janice Kapp Perry, and hymns by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir; I want to make sure I don't have to listen to sis's stuff on Sunday, but that's not a day for something like Imagine Dragons or Beatles)

    Might be able to share my lists if you're curious; you didn't know prolly that my dad got me into Beatles before he died, did you? He also got me into Peter, Paul and Mary, so yeah my tastes do go from New Kids on the Block to that..
    Hi there! I've seen you around the threads but never really spoke to you then again I'm off and on here so there's that but I saw your avatar and Peter Parker/Spiderman! <3 ;w;
    Sure, it's fine to wait it out so we can have more time to discuss it in length. :3 And next time we talk, I'll try to explain it better in terms of how they look.

    I'll try to keep it alive, lol. xD
    *gives hug*

    Yeah, I remember talking to you in some threads that usually has Sephy0812 talking about theories of KH3 or what have you. xD And one of my past avatars at that time was Asuna from Sword Art Online, so that probably was it. :3

    Yup, I usually belong in the RP sub-forum with the exception of doing some writing contests that Uryine (used to go by Kit-Kat or Sugar Princess.. xD) put up in the Writing section. Aw, it's pretty easy to write up in the RP section as it's kinda similar to Writing but with others taking turns~ You know, I was like you: first time here in the KH Forums and absolutely no experience at all, but I managed to get comfortable to the point that I started up my own role-play, Kingdom Spirits (which is kinda dead-not dead situation, I think?). It kind of combines the themes of Kingdom Hearts with Digimon. Granted, it was my first time and it was sort of wacky idea at the time, but it works until it got stalled. :/

    *clears throat* All I'm saying is, give it a try! You might like it. :3

    Oh, I'm doing well and currently stuck in writer block. :/ But I might manage to write it up if possible so I don't get all super mad at myself, lol. xD And I think I might have noticed your drawings like the Sleepy Ven you made for Sephy and thought to myself: How cool would it be if Heroine could draw up something for my character, Alex Pierce, from Kingdom Spirits? While it has been some time since I played as her, she still comes across my mind and her best friend, Michael Miles.

    They're similar to Naruto and Sasuke from the Naruto series only the skill sets has been swapped. Alex is lightning based while Mike's more of a fire based and while different in lives, they're quite similar as seeing they have a Spirit within them for Alex has the Lion and Mike the Fox.

    Anyway, I know it's much to ask but it'd be cool if you did something like that. To know what they look like, think of Alex like Saruka in terms of appearance during part one and part two with the clothes but in part two wearing pants like Naruto while Mike's pretty much of that like Sasuke during part one, yet the clothes changes to like Naruto during Part Two. Now in the future years following part two, which I dub: Kingdom Spirits: Next Generation, Alex and Mike has become adults with families. So with that in mind, most likely that of Naruto and Sasuke in itself that during the final fight between them and Danu in Part Two, Alex lost her left arm as did Mike when they used their abilities to defeat her. Thanks to Damhan, Mike were able to regain the missing limb back but Alex didn't because it showed the risk she would go to protect the world. So, Alex 'Purple Lightning' Pierce decides to go traveling the known lands to discover about the origins of Danu while Mike takes up the position of Hoguke. I think you can see where I'm going with this. xD

    *reads to see what I just wrote out to be an request turns out to be giving history of my RP* D:< I did not meant to do that, but I'm so passionate about this one since it's my baby. XD
    Aw, no single thing in particular, just the general mood didn't feel that good to me anymore, with a lot of threads making me go "*backs away slowly*". I'm also not that crazy on KH at the moment. Still waiting for 3, ofc, but lately, I'm mostly in the P5 fandom and very happy there currently ;~;
    I'm not entirely gone, but I just don't feel that good with having an active-looking profile while I'm actually only lurking these days, if anything, lul.
    Glad you're free soon, though!
    Currently pretty busy myself, and hopefully going back to school in October. Not much else up though, tons of work I guess. OTL
    Hey, Heroine! :3

    I don't remember if we actually talked to each other, but I thought it'd be better to fix that. xD So, how are you doing and are you excited to finally claim Kingdom Hearts 3 as I am?! :3
    Hey there~
    I still exist, just don't really use KHi anymore so I got rid of any special things like avatar, user title etc.
    How've you been?
    E3 starts June 12th; and yes we might hear of a KH3 release date either then or at the concert beforehand, not to mention I hope there will be some good games there besides KH for me to look forward to!
    Hanging in there; sis is going to be leaving for a big shopping trip today so I'll have a peaceful morning. ^^

    I'm also looking foward to E3, not to mention my birthday's coming soon again (June 15th)
    Sorry to hear that you're still stuck at the university, yeah I get out early in mid-may and come back late august, a lot of time for me to kill. The good news is I passed every class, even the ridiculously difficult Bio 102 (or zoology, if you want to get technical) that only 40% of the students who sign up pass. I'm grateful that I was able to do it in one go, as I don't want to redo any of this.
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