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DarkGrey Heroine

End of 2018. Message to the current state of the KHI forums:
"That really all you got? Man, you are worthless."
Goodbye to all the friendly people who tried their best here.
Goodbye to the shitty rest who stole the genuine enjoyment of others.
DGH out.


Slavic chick who enjoys Critical level 1 runs waaay too much
irl I finished Art uni, Philosophy uni & continue to do Philosophy research
KHI rebel: the Leader of Rebels for whatever 'rebel' used to mean
Favourite KH characters: Vanitas, Sora
and if it tells you anything about my personality,
my fav band is Queens of the Stone Age

///// LEOPARDOS since the JP web KHXchi /////

///// *raises Keyblade to the sky* THIS IS FOR YOU, INCOGNITO/ANAGRAM/GRAM /////
Dec 16, 1996 (Age: 23)
PlayStation Network ID
Currently playing
Devil May Cry 5 forever, baby


"You have done well, indeed you have.
You've a strong arm, strong faith, and, most importantly,
a strong heart"


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