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    Batman: Arkham Asylum is a must dude.

    And maybe GTAIV and Episodes and Fallout 3.
    Ah thanks for that.
    I tend not to download any DLC whatsoever apart from Fallout so I wasn't sure if I had missed anything good. Cheers.
    Oh but come on!

    I'm not a fan of Starkiller living. Sure he was a powerful Sith but with that attack anyone would had been as good as fried. I rather have that Dark Jedi become the next protagonist. But oh well. Here's to SK
    dude. what the ****?

    starkiller again? He died.
    you're fucking shitting me?

    who's the protag?
    Hey dude what's up. Again did u got my latest email? You didn't reply to me yet and it has been like almost month.
    And Bayonetta is assumed to be a exaggerated version of Sarah Palin.

    I'll review.
    SheerDark Dusk.
    Just don't expect me to be on for another 2 weeks....
    Mines didn't.

    Woe is me.

    And yes it did happen in the Republican national convention I believe
    Dood. I haven't opened it. I want to but I'm waiting until the parents buy me those cables.

    A man can wait for brilliance.
    Ballad is pretty good though to tell you the truth, it's what GTA IV should had been had it the SA-like course and not with the depressing storyline.'

    It could had worked as its own game and you do Niko the favor of killing Bulgarin

    And it's cool being Barack Roll'd. Spread the joke.
    Fact I can't access Live. I don't the wires to connect it.

    Which is why I'm making monthly paying of Live as my only Christmas present. I want to kick ass. :D
    I thought he already was.

    Considering how the KH series have gone downhill.
    Knowing Nomura, he could retcon it since he's God.

    Even though he knows how to turn a series into pure shit.
    It's possible if Repliku was an Unversed if we knew what a fucking Unversed was made out of :D
    hey dude, i'll review your fic if you review mines.

    fuck mina's opinion.
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