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    Thanks but she doesn't get it. Look I don't need dick-riding. If you're going to give me criticism, do it like Ragnell and show me exactly how to rectify that. Sure compliments are good but hey, I don't mind critique as long as it's done right.
    I'm just frustrated. Sorry man.

    So what? She wants me to stupidify my own writing. I try to be descriptive and paint a picture but fuck it, I guess that's never good enough.
    Hey I admit that I was doused with the stuff as a kid but damn at least show me how I can improve. Not critique me and leave me to do the work.

    I don't care anymore. Why bother writing?

    Dude if you're going to criticize (not referring to you) at least help out the person instead of leaving him to do all the work. I've been working on this a long time and it's like it's been for nothing.
    Someone gave me reason to stop writing for good.

    I don't care anymore. Blame Mina.
    lol so you just need me to review?

    Thanks mang
    I doubt they'll be that DAFT to add Mickey into Marvel but I wouldn't put it past them.

    Disney is evil.
    Like they did with Kingdom Hearts? (well that's more Nomura's fault)

    Regardless good point. But everyone sells their ideas to the Babloynian whore Disney as long as they get money from it :D
    Motherfucker, you should totally pitch this idea to whoever syndicates Power Rangers. Go Go Power Rangers!
    Hey dude are you replying to me now? I mean like you are kind of taking your time too long. Are you okay or just busy?
    Oh okay well never mind then. So anyway what should we talk about? Hey did you read my Kingdom Hearts Other Sider? I was wondering that now if you read it.
    Oh okay good. Just saying to you and if you need any help, then just ask me. Also I was thinking hey do you know Ultraman?
    Well okay just to tell you that the main characters of the Kamen Rider W are Shotaro Hidari, Philip, and Akiko Narumi. They live in the city of Futo in Japan. The one who transform into Kamen Rider W are Shotaro Hidari and Philip because Kamen Rider W aka Double is transformation of two person into one kamen rider. The way they transform is that they use Gaia Memory. It is like a USB flash drives, but allow you to transform into monster, which the main villian uses. But for Shotaro and Philip, they use 6 special Gaia memories, and two of them that I can remeber are called Cyclone, the green one and Joker, the black one. To use the Gaia memories in order to turn into Kamen Rider W, they have a device called W Belt, which both Shotaro and Philip have.
    Ahhh remember yesterday about that you want Kamen Rider W to appear in your Power Rangers story. Well I was thinking you know the story or the detail about him right?
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