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  • xD they were hard to get once i spent a whole day with my little black and white screened gameboy pocket in that safari zone place fishing the pond lol ran across it several times but only caught it there once it was hard to get.

    my fav is Charmander *u*

    also sleepy now dont know bout you buts its 2:30am for me and im sleepy xD sorry know you just got here to but bye sir~
    :3 have you tried Megawallflower then? she roleplays.
    >:D he did when i played pokemon hehe~
    Oh, kay.
    I know ! I was gonna see if oyu and Lan and someothers wanted to try and do a private one though xD
    Don't you worry, Dratini. Some day you'll be a real dragon. Someday...:)
    nah cant get into them xD tho if you like those theres a whole section here for them o3o

    i...kinda feel bad for loling at this one:
    ಠ__ಠ your not the only one when the yellow version came out and he had eevee i used pikachu and got all kinds of revenge muwhahahahahah
    actually they do but its in this thread: http://forums.khinsider.com/forum-insanity/155712-post-your-picture-thread-379.html so its more of a game to rather than avie use xD

    *o* oh ho those are choices i hardly see picked~
    dont feel bad i only did with a gameshark xD
    it is o,0
    @_@ best...list ever....
    oh oh fav zelda right now TELL ME!
    ever play mario 64 way back in the N64 days? xD
    psssh classic and dreamcast sonic is boss....i dunno what happened after that T_T his games...lost appeal/fun
    oh man banjo kazooie was the sh*t!!!!!!! *o* that damn bird!!!!!!!!! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    ever play devil may cry?
    who's in your avie?

    Didn't know that you did :D it's a first for me to write poetry, but it's the third one I've done since joining the site.
    xD you make that sound bad.
    xD thats good, i cant seem to like it tho >.<
    i noticed XD i only make a poem now and then i aint got much creative outlets.

    *o* is kh the only games you've played?
    im good~ how bout you sir? o3o what did you do today?
    nope i dont read books ^^'

    *o* do you like reading books?
    saw the poem to nice work sir~ *o*
    Hi, how are you today? x]

    Seen you post in my poem, interesting take on it, hadn't thought of it that way, lol.
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