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  • hey, i saw your post in the Anime/Manga section.

    where do you watch Pokemon BW episodes?
    I don't think you'll notice it in the thread, so I'll leave you a message here:

    1. Quest 2 for the Ifrit Gauntlet was already claimed months ago, by me :\ You can only choose from the two remaining quests: 11 and 12, so hopefully you didn't actually start playing it yet otherwise you'll have to start all over.

    2. Quest 5 for the Shiva Gauntlet was claimed 3 posts before you by E.J., so you have to wait until Sham makes more quests.

    The lesson of the day? READ.
    Well, I can do more than one for each person, but for second requests, I feel no obligation to make them as the requester already has one, so they're all done whenever I feel like it and I will most likely forget xD
    I don't ask for credit. Do what you want with it, no strings attached! :D
    If you don't mind me asking, whatcha gonna use it for? Just curious :3
    How much bigger? You didn't specify, so I assumed you just wanted one avi sized :3
    wow it's been that long already? xD

    anyway it's nice to know that, i've been looking for others around here for ages haha
    anyway, yeah we're from the same country xD

    where in the the phils are you from?
    go to Settings then look for Edit Avatar at the left side.. after, just follow what it says and you're good
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