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  • I don't remember much anything when it comes to tagging man, and when I see your stuff even with all the practice and familiarizing I've had thanks to my classes, I still can't do a derivative of your styles xD. I wanted to just to see well my photoshopping has gotten, but failed miserably.

    Don't laugh but, I recently had to reset my comp so I settled for CS2 (god its been YEARS since I used that one) i backed all my psds up :O and i can't see the newer layer settings like Subtract + Divide lmao.
    I got stuck ):
    temple of the ancients, dunno wtf I'm supposed to do when I get to that part with the 12 rooms and clock handles.
    Finally realized where your user title comes from. It was a typo in the original version of Final Fantasy VII, Aeris says that to Cloud, referring to the homeless man inside the pipe. "This guy are sick." haha.
    It's (kinda) nice being back! Not sure how long I'll be sticking around, but it's a good way to socialize while I'm sitting in front of my computer all day.

    And give him a month, haha. I'm excited to see who they picked to replace him, and for the Secret Band recording. It'll be interesting if they went with Tilian Pearson (ex-Tides of Man). He's a good vocalist, but he's a bit "airy" to fill in for Jonny. But, then, he managed it with Emarosa... who knows.

    I'm sure he'll be back to doing something. It doesn't seem like it's drugs again, so if someone can tame him he'll be a good addition to most bands.
    i COULD change yours too but then i won't be unique anymore :c

    haha thanks
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