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  • merry christmas famalam. u wanna help me evolve my seadra into kingdra? i'll give u a free 5IV adamant horsea for ur trouble.
    I just find it exciting to breed competitively viable Pokemon, haha. Probably once I've gained some confidence to tackle the prediction games, I'll try battling once or twice and see how it goes from there.
    Thank you so much for the Rotom, and for helping me evolve my Poliwhirl! :D

    And I'm sorry that I'm not into competitive battling... I totally suck at those, lol.
    If you don't mind, could you please rename the Rotom to Ectoplasm? Thanks a lot. :)

    And sure thing! I could use some help evolving my Poliwhirl, too. Let me just have it ready with the King's Rock...
    The Ferroseed is ready and I'm online now. Want to trade? And is there a need for me to rename it?
    Thanks for the scythe too! Sorry the Heracross couldn't be better natured, but it's female so you can always breed for a better one if you want.
    Sure, I can help with that. Trade your scythe first and after it evolves I'll trade it back for the Scyther you're trading to me.
    Hmmmm, I think the one with this stat distribution: 31/31/xx/xx/31/31, and no need to rename it.

    I'm good whenever you are for trading on the PSS and my trainer name is Mitchell
    Hi Cloud,

    I was interested in one of your Adamant Scyther's, and have a Moxie Heracross for trade. If you're able to I can trade with you right now.
    I'm ready to pass the Pokerus for you. Just give me a holler when you are.
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