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  • Hi Cloud,

    I added your FC from the Pok?mon thread for the friend safari.
    Here's my code if you want to add me: 3351-4059-3963
    I can't right now sorry, I'm not at home. But as soon as I get back, in like 4 hours then sure
    Ok, I shan't unequip it xD

    Now back to evolving my Eevee into Sylveon (caught it an hour or two ago and I'm getting close) :)
    Well, some need a lot of experience. Maybe it's just that?
    Training a Frogadier myself. :) Guess I have Greninja's entry earlier than expected. xD

    Thanks a lot btw. :) That Absolite was an unexpected and pleasant bonus. Is that Eviolite somthing you want to keep for your next playthrough, or was that a gift too? (this is the first time I ever traded with someone online too)
    Oh, that would be fantastic too. :) I did feel kinda down about not getting Clawitzer (I basically lost a coin toss with my bro about who got which version...) When you want your Greninja back, just send me a message. I have to warn you though, I'll be mostly not home tomorrow (convention time for me!) until the evening and mondays till fridays I'm not home till around 6 pm (local, I think that's 5 for you)
    If you don't want to keep Mewto X, that would be cool. :D If you do, I completely understand. So either that or the Mawilite is up next I guess?
    I hear that. So basically I have to send you some crappy ones that'll get lost anyway right :)

    mine's 4210-4222-7144 minimang. :)
    Ya man, sure. My FC is 3179-7304-4039
    I still don't how to trade directly though
    whats your character's name/country

    also you obviously have to be on and connected to wifi right now
    ohhhh yeah i'm gonna be viewing this later when i'm comfortable on a couch and have a bag of chips and some soda waiting for me
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