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Recent content by chasespicer056

  1. chasespicer056

    Was it all just a dream?

    KH3 secret ending: Nomura reveals it was all just a dream; Xehanort comes to life and possesses him.
  2. chasespicer056

    Xehanort in His Prime?

    So one assumption I keep noticing is that since MX is the latest incarnation of Xehanort and was such a BAMF in BBS, he'll be the most powerful of the 13 in the upcoming game. I mean don't get me wrong, the guy clearly overpowered TAV in BBS. But was that really Xehanort at HIS BEST? Was that...
  3. chasespicer056

    Spoilers ► Chances of...

    manipulating Xehanortification? The ongoing assumption I've noticed is that in KH3, all the Xehanorts will cohesively work together and help Master Xehanort reignite the Keyblade War. BUT WAIT What if the members of the new Organization don't turn out to be so loyal? In fact, before they...
  4. chasespicer056

    Exclusive: KHInsider Interviews Ben Diskin!

    Wow, I can't believe how many MLP fans there are out there XD Great interview guys!!!!! This was AWESOME!
  5. chasespicer056

    terra/xehanort & m.x

    Since Nomura has hinted a distinction between the mindset of Xemnas and Ansem, I'm hoping he'll develop their characters a bit more in KH3. In this game, they were basically MX's lackeys, which to me defeats the whole point of them being separate entities. Hopefully towards the end of MX's...
  6. chasespicer056

    Possible Twist...

    We don't know that for certain. But Ansem is the one who initially wanted to perform the experiments. Just look at this part of Secret Ansem Report 2: As far as I'm concerned, Ansem is the one who sought to pursue the experiments before the apprentices. Believe it or not, Xehanort NEEDS...
  7. chasespicer056

    Possible Twist...

    I'm hoping so, I mean I see so much potential for it that I couldn't see Nomura NOT pulling this.
  8. chasespicer056

    Possible Twist...

    In Dream Drop Distance, Nomura has made Xehanort an almost omnipotent villain. Much of what had happened thus far went according to his plan (Xemnas creating the organization, Maleficent gathering the Princesses, etc.) So, what if he has one last surprise up his sleeve? What if... one of his...
  9. chasespicer056

    Regarding Sora

    I assumed Xemnas was going for Ven's heart in that scene. As far as him splitting his heart into Sora, I doubt it. Thus far, everyone who MX has connected himself to has had some sort of eye color change (yellow for Braig, Isa and Terra; orange for Xemnas and Ansem SOD). Since Sora's eyes never...
  10. chasespicer056

    Darknesses and Lights

    He was, but that didn't seem to have much effect in stopping Apprentice Xehanort, now did it? Plus, he hints before his death in BBS that he too has darkness. So was MX's body, but he's back too! So I figure since his body faded away into balls of light and now has returned, Eraqus's might...
  11. chasespicer056

    What if the Keyblade war...

    lmao this! Honestly, nothing seems off limits anymore. I wouldn't be shocked at all if this happens.
  12. chasespicer056

    Darknesses and Lights

    I feel like the original 12 darknesses are: 1. Xemnas 2. Ansem 3. Master Xehanort 4. Young Xehanort 5. Xigbar 6. Isa 7. Terra 8. Eraqus 9. Vanitas 10. Apprentice Xehanort 11. Ansem the Wise 12. Reborn Xehanort The 13th was intended to be Sora, of course, but it seems Master Xehanort will have...
  13. chasespicer056

    Dat Guardian...

    I feel like the Guardian, whoever's darkness it is (if that's the case), never existed before Terra and MX merged. Think about it. If MX ALWAYS had control of it, he could have used it to hold down Terra once he gave into darkness instead of continuing to fight.
  14. chasespicer056

    Riku's Wedding

    Re: About Riku Dying