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    Funny Fandom Things Fondly Remembered

    It really hit me this year just how long I've been in this fandom. This year marks 10 years since I first entered it, posting on forums, those old YouTube AMV tributes, devouring every scrap of news for 358/2 Days while it was being developed. It's strange to look back at the fandom and see how...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    Is no one else gonna talk about how YMX eyes are STILL GREY WHEN HE MEETS WITH MOM?!?! And when ARX are fighting Saix, that fight in 3 was between Sora, Roxas and Xion and Axel sat it out. What could that mean?!? Whens this fight take place?! After the main story? In some pocket dimension...
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    Proposal for a fandom wide project

    PLEASE REBLOG, REPOST AND SHARE IF YOU LIKE THE IDEA!! I've been posting this everywhere I can for a the last week or two and people have been pretty on board. I created a tumblr for the idea too if anyone wants to go reblog this from there. Its, 'ThankYouKHTeam' This also isnt the only one...
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    What if Xion has black hair because of Skuld (a mini theory)

    I had a thought today and I know it might sound out there, but just hear me out. We have never got an in universe reason for why Xion has black hair. She by all rights, as looking like Kairi as Sora remembers her, and her looking like Kairi to Roxas because she became someone dear to him like...
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    A Call To Arms To Thank The KH Team

    Okay, hear me out. I know it's been a rocky couple months post KH3 release and people are divided on it. But...I think it would be a great idea to maybe...flood twitter with a big THANK YOU to the KH team for 13 years(!!) of giving so many people-all of us- such a great and wild ride. I've...
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    A place for Days fans, and a hashtag for a remake

    I've noticed a lot of people talking about wanting a Days remake on twitter and other places and I think it ought to have a hashtag. Or a place to talk about it, or even just a place for Days fans to share stuff specifically about it. Because there seem to be a lot of people talking about it but...
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    X/Key/Kye/Chi Symbolism that blew my mind

    Okay so, maybe this has already been talked about but you know how MX says that the 'X' is an ancient letter that symbolizes death and endings right? Though if you look into it, you see that letter, pronounced that way is from ancient greek. But you'll also see that it doesnt symbolize...
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    What are your favorite KH3 theories?

    What are you guys favorite theories so far? I really like the Blain is a time traveled Eraqus theory because I think it would be so sad that he would've grownup and then became a master to Ven and it would add so many layers to the scene where Eraqus goes to strike Ven down.
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    Mysteries of Marluxia and Larxenes memories and ages

    Okay so we know that Marluxia lost his memories and regained them after Sora defeated him right? And the case can be made just by his actions in Days and CoM we can tell he doesnt remember it then either. Which means that whatever force brought him to the future, just like subject X...
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    Fandom thing that is extremely funny to me! XD We're getting old

    Does anyone else find it extremely funny that internet fandoms (fan art, fan fic ect) is old enough now that older fans in the fandom will reference things about how the fandom used to be and younger or newer fans- who may not have even been BORN yet when the older fans got into the...
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    Do you ever wish there was a KH Convention?

    Like not just a con with KH stuff or one pannel or something, I mean a no joke KH centered Con. I think that would be so awesome if once a year, KH fans from all over could converge on a single place for a day or two and meet other fans and maybe have a couple guests, lots of merch from...
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    Saïx point of view

    I finished reading the 358/2 days novel a little while ago and by far my favorite parts of it were when the point of view shifted from the main cast to other characters. Saix interactions with Axel were always a highlight while reading it. It realy gave an interesting look into their...