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X/Key/Kye/Chi Symbolism that blew my mind


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Jan 18, 2019
Okay so, maybe this has already been talked about but you know how MX says that the 'X' is an ancient letter that symbolizes death and endings right?

Though if you look into it, you see that letter, pronounced that way is from ancient greek. But you'll also see that it doesnt symbolize death or endings in ancient greek.

That sybolism actually belongs to the greek letter Theta (which looks like a 0 with a line in it.). This symbolism was to the point where theta is comparable to our skull and crossbones today.

So when I discovered this I was kinda confused and thought, "Well who says he's even refering to our worlds ancient languages anyways"

But I also discovered something else about 'X' and it kinda blew my mind.

"In Plato's Timaeus, it is explained that the
two bands that form the soul of the world cross each other like the letter Χ.​

(A Timaeus btw is just one of "Plato's dialogues, mostly in the form of a long monologue given by the title character Timaeus of Locri, written c. 360 BC. The work puts forward speculation on the nature of the physical world and human beings")

I find this really interesting that if 'X' doesnt symbolize death, that plato symbolism is still really interesting to put on the X as we see it in the series. 'The band that forms the soul of the world'...

Just thought I'd share