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Mysteries of Marluxia and Larxenes memories and ages


Central Station

New member
Jan 18, 2019
Okay so we know that Marluxia lost his memories and regained them after Sora defeated him right? And the case can be made just by his actions in Days and CoM we can tell he doesnt remember it then either.

Which means that whatever force brought him to the future, just like subject X wiped his memory clean.

What I wonder though is, did Larxene forget? If she went along for the ride with who we can only assume is Marluxia in KH3, that means she remembered, and still had those memories even as a nobody.

And though the cannonicity of the short story novels hasnt been confirmed, one of them details Marluxias and Larxenes first meeting in the Org. And something interesting happens.

She strikes up a conversation with him and asks him why they're even in the organization. To which Marluxia replies to get their hearts back. Which makes me wonder if he's saying that because he doesnt remember his past life and thinks getting his heart back will help him remember.

Larxene then says that having a heart was so painful, and that she's quite comfortable now with out one. Knowing what we know now, that line is really telling. Having a heart was painful, something happened that brought her a lot of grief and pain. Which is another reason why I think she remembers, and seeing that Marluxia doesnt remember her, or the painful stuff that happened before rather than bring that up, she hides that fact from him because it's irrelevant now. It wouldnt matter if she said anything because he wouldnt remember.

Especially considering her last words to Sora "My secret" whose to say she hadnt been keeping it for a while.

Which leads me to the fact that Marluxia and Larxene joined the Org only a few days apart. Which means they became Nobodies either at slightly different times or in different locations. If they were found so close together, that probably means what ever took their hearts, they may have been together or in close proximity when it happened.

Which makes me wonder, what happened to these two?? If the same thing that sent subject X (assuming its Skuld), and Ven to the future sent Lauriam to the future and wiped all their memories, just by virtue of when they became nobodies the same thing must have also sent Elrena to the future too. But then why does Larxene still remember?

And more so, why did they become nobodies? And even more oddly, why did they age so much in comparison to Ven and Skuld?

If they were all sent at the same time but wound up in different places in time (Ven to 4 yrs before bbs, Skuld to right after bbs) that would explain why they were as old as they were when they joined the Org, but it raises more questions as to what the heck were they up to for all that time?!

If they are the same age as Skuld right, 15, in UX they aged at least 10 years before they becane nobodies and joined the Org. Which means the were probably sent to about when bbs was happening. Which would make them the same age as Lea and Isa or maybe a little older.

It makes me wonder where did they go? If time traveled Lauriam didnt remember anything was he like Roxas, just wandering arround like a zombie??

Did Elrena look for him? Did she find him only to see he didnt remember her or Strelitzia and then something happend to the world they were on and they're hearts got stolen? And thats why they joined so close together?

They must've been transported to a world in the realm of light for them to have aged.

Or maybe did in UX they not all go to the future at once? Did maybe something happen to Ven and Skuld went after him shortly after? Leaving the rest of them there to age before the same thing happened to send them into the future too?

Or were they all sent at once and they just got over and under shot where they were supposed to be going and were scattered?

If in fact the Blain is Eraqus ancestor theory is true, that might mean that perhaps he had to stay behind for this to work and sent Elrena with Lauriam in his stead. Leaving him to age into being an ancestor of Eraqus.

Though that still wouldnt explain why Elrena would remember the past and Lauriam not.

Or maybe those given a tome of prophecy (the new union leaders like Ven, lauriam and Skuld) had to have their memories wiped before they went ahead to prevent paradoxes. Because they having had a book wouldve read about the future. Where Elrena had not and decided to look after Lauriam when they got to where they needed to go. Or maybe she volunteered to look after all of them since they'd arrive at their destination wiped clean of memories and unable to protect themselves.

Which could explain the pain Larxene described at having had a heart. She was sent ahead with them and when they woke up everyone was scattered and she only could find one of the people she said shed protect: Lauriam. And everyone else was just gone. That'd be insanely painful. To go through all that for it to just blow up in her face.

Which leads me to maybe why her personality changed. She seemed alright as Elrena, but she turned down right horrible as Larxene. Maybe all that trauma and loss turned her bitter and angry and intolerable of dealing with other people who she didnt already have an established relationship with.

Idk, these two have a lot of mysteries to be figured out, and I'm honestly glad the other members are getting more time and complexity. 

Graceful Schemer

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Jan 6, 2018
I do not think Larxene remembers everything. She was perplexed, much like Demyx and Luxord when Xemnas mentioned the Ancient Keyblade Legacy. Marluxia, on the other hand, narrowed down his eyes. Whether that suggests he knows something or not is debatable. So, there are two cases. First, just like Marluxia, she regained memory in the same manner, and, thus, her answer varied accordingly. Second, where the first case can also be true, is that it is etched into her heart her feeling towards him. The same can be said for Marluxia's memory and/or desire for keyblade.

So, just like how Young Xehanort and Maleficent seek the outside world and the box respectively, Marluxia seeks the keyblade (which might be his way of rescuing his sister or his association with Union Leaders) and Larxene seeks him out.

As for their ages, I think they and Demyx are around Saix and Axel's age, give or take. Since Lauriam is an elder brother, he would have to be at least a year older than Strelitzia. We do not know Elrena's age, but it is most likely the same as Strelitzia's. Provided that they age normally, 10 years, give or take, would give them their current appearances that is older than Ventus' static appearance (not counting the time range between Xehanort-Ventus and Eraqus-Ventus).
Aug 26, 2008
Where you're not
Keep in mind, Xigbar found Marluxia when Zexion (who was just a child when he became a Nobody) was fully grown, presumably around the events of KH1; that's 14 years after Ven started training under Master Xehanort, if we assume that happened around the same time he arrived in the future, and if everyone wound up at the same point in time. So it's only natural they'd be so much older.