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What if Xion has black hair because of Skuld (a mini theory)


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Jan 18, 2019
I had a thought today and I know it might sound out there, but just hear me out.

We have never got an in universe reason for why Xion has black hair.
She by all rights, as looking like Kairi as Sora remembers her, and her looking like Kairi to Roxas because she became someone dear to him like Kairi was to Sora should look like Kairi.

And I know she has black hair because one of the people working on the game (I dont recall who but it's true) thought she should and Nomura approved. But in universe there still needs to be a reason.

I originally thought the in universe reason may have been that Xion may have looked exactly like Kairi if she hadnt formed as much of an individual identity. Like, the fact that she came into her own personality, and became her own person, influenced how she looked and changed her from looking exactly like Kairi when Roxas looked at her.
Because he knew her as herself, and had no connection to Kairi. Unlike say Riku who had a connection to Kairi and could see Xion as Kairi, and then as herself.

Which also, we never actually learned outright in Days what Xion as a memory puppet looked like to Xion. We never saw her through her own eyes. Her look was always determined by who we were seeing her through. But, theres a hint from when she was alone in her room, a scene where we were alone with her, where we saw her with black hair. So it's reasonable to think she looked like that to herself.


What if, Ventus heart in Roxas influenced her appearance too somehow.

What if, as KHUX goes on, Ven grows to really like, admire, and trust Skuld, to where she is someone he really treasures-like a sister or even a crush which would make it more Kairi/Sora like.

And then, when Roxas sees Xion as a girl he treasures, he sees Kairis face because of Sora, mixed with black hair because of Vens influence on his heart even if he doesnt realize it.

Even if Ven doesnt remember, even though his heart is shattered, those memories and feelings would still exist in him.

And as for why Aqua wasnt an influence on Xions appearance, seeing as she is already someone Ven treasures, Xion is the first girl Roxas treasures.
And if Skuld was the first girl Ven treasured, I could see that being a decent in universe reason why she got the black hair rather than like blue hair.

Or maybe all three are in there!!

Kairis face from Sora, black hair from Skuld and blue eyes from Aqua.

I doubt we'll ever GET an explicit in universe reason for why Xion ended up with black hair, but if they were to give one, I feel they could get away with this being the reason


Mar 11, 2008
I never actually thought about this, but it might make more sense than you think. Remember that Lea and Isa had a falling out over the mystery girl in KH3. The most popular theory is that she's Skuld, which would be perfect, poetically, if she's related to Xion in any way.
Feb 10, 2018
I like this theory too. It is well thought out and makes sense. We will just have to wait and see what the future of the series has in store for us, but I could see this being accurate if Tetsuya Nomura decides on something similar.


Jul 17, 2016
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I thought Skuld has navy blue hair though, not black hair. The only character that Ven interacted with much (that we know of at this point) with this hair colour is Vanitus. So I'm not sure about Skuld.