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  • ......Wow......And I thought making my yaoi fantacies was insane.......I think what you just said beat that o_O!
    That is AWESOME! High Five?? You are DEFINATLY improving! If I wasn't leaving for a couple of months I would ask to wear it!! Nice! BTW, if you didn't know that I was leaving, you can read my latest thread! But somtimes I come and catch up with my friends! Nice work, you are starting to get REALLY good!
    Well, I suppose your talking about hue saturation?? *Cntrl u* I haven't found it on gimp yet! I will look!
    Oh kool! and yeah, CS is quite good! I now have 3 different programs! Lol, different style with each!

    PS 0.7
    PS CS3
    Gimp 2.6.3

    I am still getting used to gimp, but here is my first EVER tag on gimp!

    >_<! I'm excited because I've got over 700 posts! i remember when I had about 300! Lol, I think that was last month! <__>! hey, just wondering, what program do you use to make siggs?
    Actually, don't i am deleting the shop!

    you deserve better than my shop!

    Thankyou for accepting my appology though! Friends??

    I appologize for constantly giving negative criticism, I have not been very nice, I am sorry If I hurt your feelings, and I know, I am not a good sig maker, I know how to give pointers, just not good at giving them well.....

    The meaning of this post, is that, I am extremly sorry, and I have been terrible with my behavier! (sorry I cannot spell)

    I would love to have you back at the shop, but I can understand if you don't want to

    I never said you suck, I was inclining, to make good sigs, you need to take critisism, or howevah you spell it, listen, you are a member, I respect you, I have never said anything about other peoples sigs, you need practice chocobos commet needs practice, I need practice! Everybody does, just because somone doesn't like your sig, and thinks it is the best, you do not have to think that everyone thinks that your tag sucks!
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