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  • OMG SO SORRY FOR NOT TALKING TO YOU FOR SO LONG. Whoops capslock. How goes there, my Austrailian friend/penpal? :D Sorry I haven't got back to the last VM...been busy with college and the holidays going on...hope yours was good. :)
    Yeahhh it is but not much happens. :/ I think so. Last time I checked. I can go look that up too, again. XD Yeah, no I heard it tastes like Sprite with a lemonade twist or something like that. Like I said, I've never tried it. XD Just heard of it. lol. I can ask my friend though because she's drank it.

    Lol you guys don't have Snow in Austrailia? Oh right, you told me. Anyway, that's cool. Ooh nice! You went to two countries in Europe, I always wanted to go there. What was it like being in England with all the British accent? I don't know why I think it's kinda funny when the British and the Austrailian talk to each other since they both have great accents, you know, imagine a fun conversation and they're different from America and have different terms and slangs, if you know what I mean. LOL. Yeah, they probably don't know you had no snow until then. I like Snow but I don't like the cold.

    What? What was that? Anyway, yeah. OMG Elorah, don't be! Be yourself. XD It's best. That's fine. Ooh that'd be fun. He'll do it at one point. LOL. Thanks! ^_^ I wanted Ron x Charlotte but now Charlotte x Fred is wayyyy better. Just seems cuter in terms that Fred's a funny yet lovable guy. :D Yup.

    Alright then, thanks! :)
    Wow, I keep forgetting due to thinking about college. :/

    Oh yeah, I see.....aw I'm sure your just good as them!

    Yeahhhhhh. LOL I see. I know what you mean. Single Awareness Day is just for the fun and the REAL DEAL! LOL. Yeah, no I didn't know! LOL=acohol, beer, or something like that. I looked it up online. LOL. I dunno Lemonade mixed with Sprite, seriously no idea but my friends drink it. Um, no it doesn't. LOLZ.

    Ah I see. Really? Wow, kind of like Florida but Florida gets cold but no snow. :/ I like SNOW! XD
    Yeah......I know right? Yeah, I guess there isn't.

    Eh, you can call it whatever you want but I beg to differ. I don't necessarily go by what everybody else says. LOL, don't worry, your not alone on that. XD Yeah...I see. LOL! Yeah.......my character's a sweetheart but Fred Weasley ghost I'm also RPing might not be so nice to your character as your a Slytherin and you know how Fred was in Gryffindor and RM added in there because he made Ron and Harry look like old geezers! LOL. It's true though. They sound like old geezers. They don't sound like they are 40s/50s. Demmy and I were complaining, so I had to had Charlotte (my character) fall for Fred instead of Ron. :/ But it works out in the end doesn't it?

    If I'm not on as much, don't worry, I'll always catch up as much as I can!
    Still that's alot and ah I see. Cool 4/5 rocks bands? lol nice! :D

    Well yeah, anything like that in America we do, even if don't get a day off and all and yeah, we pretty much do the same thing. Yeah. That or there's Single Awareness Day. XD LOL but you should know most or at least many of it. I wish I knew some. I didn't know Parro was an Austrailian term until I looked it up. Ah I see, now I know what squiz mean and lol I didn't know about that kind of drink, doesn't ring a bell with me unless you meant to say Squirt since that's a drink in America. It's fine, I don't mind if you're rambling. I like chatter. The more chatter, the more fun it is!

    Ah I see. Oh wow, so both of your winter and summer breaks are at the same time? Wow. Ours is different of course. I see.

    Yeah, same. That or maybe they didn't come from good homes or homes who taught them funny isn't all that good or whatever, then I'd feel horrible for them. Yeah. So true. :p

    Ah I see. Yeah, it kinda bugs me a little when when people call people who try to talk in the RP, spam. No offense or anything but I find that unjustice especially if they want to talk about the books/movies for the HP thread. But I can see where your point though. It's just I consider spam something different in terms of talking and all that. I see. LOL, it's fine and I'm an American. XDDD That'd be great! Oh? Because she's in Slytherin, yeah Charlotte's in Gryffindor, so I don't know how those two would mix.
    It's fine, I don't mind. At least you get back to me. I had a longer conversation with somebody else and they don't get back to me, so I find it rude especially if you aren't the busy type of person but if you are the busy body or bee or whatever the term is, then it's understandable.
    Kiddie groups lol! Yes, I went to a high school. lol. I think I told you that. XD

    Yes, sounds like actual holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day to me. XD But no, I know what you mean. LOL. It isn't weird, probably weird because you never said that before in Austrailia but I'm sure it's fine on the forums since there are alot of people from North America who says stuff and I like to say 'Holidays' at times too! So no worries, I'm sure you're fine and there's nothing wrong with being weird. There's other kind of weird you know? The silly and fun weird is good weird if that makes sense. Normal is boring and overrated. LOL, I'm rambling. XD Sorry. Ah I see. Wow, I see. So what month is it in Austrailia then? I'm finishing college in December. Well first semester. I guess. I might have to take another semester or something but hopefully I won't do summer. Only Fall and Winter and possibly Spring courses, if that makes sense. Yeah, the summer's going by too fast and before I know it, I'll be going back to college. Boo......now that makes me feel somewhat disappointed. :(

    Yes, it was like a whole new side of him. Yeah I know right? Some people don't just see humor even if it came in front of them with a tea cozy. XD Or like you said, not die-hard fans. But there's plenty of those in each category. I know random and weirdness ftw! Yeah, I laughed too but some people around me didn't. I swear they were like statues or they didn't laugh too loud. XD

    BTW, Ringleader Man approved all templates, so I'm sure it's a go for you to to post and can't wait to see you post! I posted already. Hopefully our characters meet. :D And I decided to drop the Luna Lovegood template since I already had 2 characters and I knew I couldn't do Luna because of college starting. :/
    17!?! Wow sounds like alot of bands! Oh okay, lol.

    Yeah and I know how warm Florida is in the winter since I've been there for Winter Break vacation but as you guys in England and Austrailia like to say, Holidays but I'm not sure. Do you guys have the term for Winter then? Ah I see. Awesome and I'm glad you're happy! I am too. XD

    I read it over and over again (well I skipped to parts) and still love it! Yeah. I know right? It was like 'Wow, a side of Harry I didn't know about!' Ya know? Yes, the "pincers" you gotta love that. Really? lol. Yes, me too, I know me too and I'm glad they put that in there! Yeah, my friends jumped when they saw the movie with me since I saw three times and it was funny because when I saw the first time I jumped in my seat along with my friend. And the thing is that not many people laughed at the comedy like when they were in the Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, Fred and George's shop, and Ron says, "I'm your brother." and the twins respond, "10 sickles." or something like that. XD But man, and this was the third time I was watching it, then again, only a few people went to that showing and I was like, "Geez, how can you not laugh at that!" And I loved any scenes with Luna Lovegood, she's just so funny and unique and awesome with her lion hat. I wish it roared in the movie though. :/

    Oh and I saw you wanted to join the Harry Potter and The New Threat RP! Awesome, then we'll be in the same RP since I'm doing an OC character role, a Fred Weasley ghost role, and Luna Lovegood role. I love Luna and Fred! And I'm sure you can join! Ringleader Man had been looking for people earlier and now more people are showing up, so that's good!
    Oh wow, alot eh? Well that's still cool. :) Ohhhhhh I see. Cool! Classical Musical, it makes sense. XD Cool! Ahhh that's soooo cool. How many total?

    Yeah, your on the other side of the world but that's cool. Like Florida and Texas? They are warm during the winter. Ah I see. How long is a while? A few years. Oh right, I see. Yeah, I know right? It's like I love the weekend and then Monday comes and it's like 'Ew, it's over.' XDDD

    They didn't. :/ I was kind of disappointed more about the H/G kiss since it was so short. :/ I was hoping the kiss was longer like they mentioned in the book but it wasn't. Yeah, it is! I'm actually seeing it again, so 3 times the charm! XD It's fine, you'll probably get it on DVD or Bluray and see it again! Me too! AHAHAHAHAHAA.....I remember that and he scared Slughorn, that was funny and when he says goodbye to Ron and Hermione and says, "Hi." so animatedly, that part cracked me up! OMG the Pincers, sooooo funny! I loved that part. That was one of my favorite part. I also like how Ron Weasley is just so dense to how Hermione's feeling at first about him and all. God, you gotta love him for that. And I also love the Lavender/Ron/Hermione scenes-stayed true to the book, it did! And did you see that creepy scene where the Inferi all of sudden appears out of the water. Man, that scene scared me! It was like watching an actual horror movie at one point, ya know? XD
    I know right? Getting rid of annoying messages is good! Well that's awesome, I wish I can play some. Aww that's awesome. Oboe, how interesting! Oh so you don't have a school band, just an orchestra? Nice. I always liked those shows! Ah that sounds interesting and I like it but wow, lol you have to do that and change? Geez, I wonder how you can manage that!

    Yeah, it's called Summer Vacation. LOLZ. Yeah, I guess I'm lucky. Awww but you'll get rid of soon when you go off to a University or College. I used to like Mondays myself. Yeah, that's awesome! And what's wrong with the school dance if I may ask?

    Oh lol. It's kind of the other way around with me. XD So funny though in a sense.

    Oh no it's fine and yes, I'd love to see it and yeah, I saw it TWICE! XD Oh nice, that's cool. And yeah, sure, what do you want to discuss? I guess I could start talking about the comedy! That was a big thing I noticed in the movie definately and I love Ron Weasley. Tee-hee. XD
    OMG I'm sorry we haven't talked for so long been caught up with alot of things!
    I missed you. *hugs* Hope your doing alright. And yeah, that's how I felt about Graduation approaching: WHOA, WAIT WHAT!?! O_O; LOLZ.

    How's it going in Austrailia? Do you have school?
    Hiii! Hope your still on. :D If not......well, I'll try talking to you again. lol. >_<
    It was kind of fun yet boring but yeah...Graduation was great. :D
    HEY! :D
    Awww...bye. and Hi!
    BTW Sorry I haven't the other PM been kinda busy.
    My graduation was great although I feel kinda sad it went by too fast already.
    *sighs* Yup I need to write more chapters. >_<
    It's fine. I saw the PM. You did okay. The Gym guy is apparently blind. Tell you more in the PM. >_<
    Anyway, that's sooo cool! Candles and stuff, I don't think we're doing that. :(
    I see! I see! So looking forward to reading my fanfic? :D I'm going to start writing it again soon! ^_^
    I'm guessing so. It'd fun throwing it up in the air and I'll be like: WHEE! :D
    Oh wow, I see. That stinks. Just formal really? Yes I shall keep bugging you about Facebook.
    Does any of your friends have it? So any word on the PM yet?
    I'm going to send you another PM as well. :D
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