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    Tag tips wanted

    Well, I started making tags, I unno like a month to two months ago? Anyways, I would like some feedback. POSITIVE and helpful tips, like what I should work on, constructive criticism. Kthx I've mostly worked on my own, used tutorials and gotten some tips from other graphic artists on this site...
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    True friends

    Okay... I've been having issues that have developed from this friend. Let me explain the issue in short. Ever since July, don't remember when, but I know it was July I haven't hung out with...Let's name this friend "Trippy" because I don't like giving out names. Anyways, what is the month now...
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    MY newest MV: Hall om mig

    Some of you, I don't know how many, may be familiar with an AMV called "hall om mig" to Princess tutu. If you haven't, go look it up, it's fantastic. Anyways, my music video is to three of my favorite disney films: Tarzan, Atlantis and Mulan and I used this song whose timing is very hard to...
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    ANTM(America's Next Top Model cycle 11 finale

    Tonight is the season finale and I be watching it now as we speak. So, I thought, hey why not discuss tonight's finale? I do ask however to make a spoiler box when you talk abut whoever wins because its not on for another 2-3 hours for some areas. So yeah! Who do YOU hope wins? Me-Analeigh...
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    Name change?

    I know I made a topic about this before, but I'm still slightly confused. I just want to clear something up. I found the name change sticky, yes. But do I just leave a reply with the name I want an the admin will change it at some point? Again, I'm sorry for posting again. Btw, thanks for those...
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    1000 posts?

    Okies, I reached 1k posts. Now how do I change my name or thingy under my name?
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    90's cartoons/shows

    Gawd, I miss them so much. What were your faves? Mine: -Angry Beavers -Hey Arnold! -Batman Beyond -Static Shock[GAWD. That show was so kick ASS] -Jackie Chan Advetures -Z[i barely remember it, but i remember it being about a girl who shows a robot named Z around the town but he's disguised as a...
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    Favorite cuisine?

    Meaning... Is it Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American etc or combination? As for moi: -Italian -American -Mexican -Indian -Vietnamese/Chinese -Japanese -Jamaican >D
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    my post count, what?

    Okies, my post count says I have 948. But I posted three times in a row in different topics and it's STILL 948 >/ what's the issue here? Is it just slow?
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    OMG. Re: CoM

    Finally! It's 'LOOKING' to b confirmed. Sorry if has been psted, i've been doing hmk for the past 3 hours. But OMG. I've been waiting for this game to come to NA since we heard it released to Japan. Who else is excited for this? PS Look on front page xD ^-^ edit: i was excited last...
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    Cutsene title help

    Okay, I'm making a dedication vid for the organization members alone. I've gotten everyone but Roxas and Xion, obviously. But this vid I want it show various emotion. There's one cutscene of Roxas I want to use I know what he says. It's him walking from the dark world[i know the name but...
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    Gah my friend!

    Okay. So I'm a freshman in college. Most of my friends are Sophmores, juniors and seniors in highschool. So I havent talked to most of them since school started....or any for a long time. I've only talk to three over the summer. One IMed me toay, like she rarely oes, so it was a nice surprise...
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    Another Xion theory

    Hhe, yet another Xion theory. But, I think this one may be logical. More logical than the comparing Namine's lips to Xion's. But anyways. A theory has been thrown out that Xion is NOT a nobody, merely just a spy. I think she could be a little of both actually. Remember when someone becomes...
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    Multiplayer game: 365/2 days

    So, we were just told that we could play as either Xaldin, Xigbar, Axel, Saix, Roxas or Larxene. I am highly pleased with who they chose. I can't wait to play as Larxene, she's one of my faves. If I can't fight her, at least I can play as her. And I want to play as her because she can use...
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    Terra, his connection--my theories

    This may be old. But I have my theory on Terra and I jsut found out info about him. I came back recently. So my theories have some basis. My first, not so much basis. Just more of first glance judging. Terra is related to Sora. He has the same hair color and style, as wel as the eyes. He can't...