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  • Oh that ok,If I was able to get another Silver I would play it in an intstant. Also I believe its over 200 pokemon.
    Now I'm wanting to play Tos 2 again...But my Wii is in for repairs Y.Y Zelos is funny,but can be a pain sometimes.

    My favorite pokemon game would have to be Silver.
    I also think the First one was better. They tried to keep the voices the same,but I liked them. As for the side quests,they needed alot more,it was just too fast. The arena was entertaining.

    yay you agree witt me! My winking Jolteon is cute too.(Yes I'm a guy saying all this,but hey I like to speek my mind)
    Cool cool. Have you played both ToS and ToS Dawn of the New World?

    Anyways,DONT HATE EEVEE! Him and the evelutions are so cool and cute! (yes I said it! CUTE) Pidgeot is a respectable pokemon. Its a great looking pokemon and speedy ^^
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