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  • Hey, I just saw you're entry for the Signature of the Week, if there was a vote involved, I'd vote for you're entry.
    I think the site crashed from the influx of activity.
    Are some threads not showing any posts at all for you?
    I just don't like how DM is modded, thats maybe 40% of why I stopped posting, others were because I fell inactive or had computer issues.
    Thanks man :) appreciate that, I do my best and hope, inshaAllah, that people can benefit from the posts with a better understanding of Islam.
    I will do bro ;)
    OH, Colonel Mustang you mean
    I was about to say, I don't remember anyone looking like my guy, but I think I remember what scene your talking about lol

    Alright, asalamualaikum man
    My avvie is actually from a korean manga called The Breaker

    But yours looks reallly menacing lol!
    Forgive me, I'm blonde

    Well if you're into manga/anime like I am, deviantart and photobucket have alot of great pics
    After you find one you like, take it to the shops and viola, there ya go
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