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  • I might suggest Simone Weil's essay, "The Iliad, or the Poem of Force"; she has an excellent way of expressing these ideas. I believe she was a pacifist when she wrote it, but her views of war seem to me incredibly acute; as I said, I often agree with the pacifists.

    Discussion such as this is always a pleasure.
    This is a large part of the reason I do not consider myself a pacifist: I cannot envision human history up to the present without the presence of war. Perhaps that is a failure of imagination on my part.

    However, I still hold that war is not something that we can justify or condemn; it is too vast for the individual human experience to account for. Perhaps we can justify or condemn it historically, such as you present with the American Revolution, but if we speak of morals, or simply of the human being's ability to come to terms with war--there I think that war (like history, like fate) extends too far beyond us to be answered for. We are aware of its presence and must try to survive it.

    I don't know what would've happened had America not fought Great Britain, nor does such speculation much interest me. I think the American leaders put forward and defended some radical and noble ideas, and Great Britain was compelled by political forces and a somewhat mad king to oppose them. In regard to motivation, I'm inclined to the Americans' side, and historically I think the results of revolution were very important and in many ways beneficial. The war itself I have no comment on.
    I've only ever viewed war from outside of it; I've never felt myself directly within its realm of influence. From that perspective, war has a dreadful fascination for me. My favorite quotation on the matter comes from Robert Lee (approximated): "It is good that war is so terrible, else we would grow too fond of it."

    I do not believe in any such thing as a just war, nor for that matter in an unjust war--war and justice have no connection I can perceive. I am not a pacifist, but I most often agree with them.
    Yeah I heard the effects were lacking. It's funny though, the movie made 87 million in one weekend.
    The story was great but be careful with the commercials, I got lucky and totally forgot something that they had that would of spoiled something pretty big. A few plot twists here and there and the effects were good and the action scenes were great. The writing was good as well, a handful of good jokes here and there. Defintely worth checking out
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