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  • Achso ja, ich hatte die Zeit völlig verplant. xD
    Naja, hast du denn dann vielleicht schon Pläne?

    Ja, eine Woche noch, sozusagen. Wird ganz nett, denke ich. :)

    Ja, echt schade. D:
    Da wird's wohl noch ne Weile dauern bis wir uns mal zu Gesicht bekommen.
    Ein Stipendium? Meine Güte, das ist ja so ziemlich der Idealfall. xD
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wie hastn das geschafft? :D

    Das will ich doch schwer hoffen. ^^
    Well you mean the first two movies yeah...the 3rd movie is brilliantly awesome and my favorite out of all the 3 movies!

    Oh I see....and that's good! Ooh that sounds really exciting! I always wanted to go to England, so that should be fun! What are you guys gonna do in England? And that's great to hear, glad your doing something you'd like and ooh doesn't that sound wonderful!

    No, college starts for me in uhhhhh August or September. Late August actually. :/
    Oh, das ist schön zu hören. Dir scheint's ja richtig gut zu gehen. ^^
    Joa, ich schätze mal da muss man einfach durch. Ich hab auch eigtl schon fast keine Kraft mehr übrig mich über solche Sachen aufzuregen oder mich damit zu beschäftigen.

    Oh hey, das ist ja ne tolle Nachricht! Da wünsch ich dir doch schon mal im Voraus viel Spaß und Erfolg. :)
    Naja, ich werde wahrscheinlich Anfang September dort sein. Könnte sein dass wir uns nur knapp verfehlen. :/
    Das wäre natürlich recht ärgerlich, aber da kann man wohl nichts machen.

    Oh, England ist auch schön. Bis auf die vollgesoffenen Jugendlichen und das dreckige Wetter. xD

    Und, wie laufen die Ferien bis jetzt?
    Btw, du solltest unbedingt mal wieder in MSN online kommen. ^^
    Yup seven days, but I get only 2 days starting soon... So that sucks, and I'm saving for.. nothing, lol, I'm not going to college, so maybe a car? :p

    And yeah thatd be fun :)
    Well, I havent really done anything that amazing, although I have enjoyed the time off so that's what countsXD

    wow thats amazing! im so happy for you, that should be so much fun! be sure to take tons of pictures!

    yeah i hope so too, still no internet at home, but i try to get out of my house as much as possible so chances are i'll still be on more often :) but just push through those 3 days, youre almost there!
    haha I try

    Well I plan on having professional photography be apart of my career o:
    well i moved out into the city with my brother; it's really nice! lots of freedom. lol.

    YAYY! I can't wait for that then. <3
    itr really has been a long time, ever since you started college our conversations are always really far between, but theyre still nice when we have em :)

    oh busy busy when its time to wrap everything up huh, haha. And wow really? thats great blue XD

    like 2 and a half months maybe? haha and thanks!
    Well, not much but I saw Toy Story 3 which I loved alot, went on vacation, just lazying around but I did some chores, ummmm not sure, what else? Watched movies on DVD and just hang out with friends and family and wrote a fanfiction.

    Oh wow, how's that going? Yeah, I bet. I know I've be dreading it. I'm so glad I have had like 3-4 months of summer, I couldn't deal with just a month or two weeks, you know? And I'm sure it will soon!

    Noooooooo, it takes 2 years if you take the classes they want you to take and I also heard that it can up more then at least 3-4 YEARS, depending on how many subjects you taken and passed it and what classes you must take, like I have to do a certain number of Math classes before transferring and such!
    Yeah, a little lol, no new games for so long you kinda lose interest :p and yes I am excited for BBS, maybe not so much Re:Coded :p

    And Summer for me has been work, work and more work, 7 days a week....
    Bleh. I hate it.

    And yeah it is, but it does happen, ah well..
    Oh Blue, eine Sache noch, bevor ich's vergesse. Check mal deine Inbox. :3

    Die sache ist zwar etwas kurzfristig, aber wir wollten dich doch nicht auslassen jetzt wo du mal wieder kurz da bist :)
    That' will be awesome

    summers been great
    been getting more gaming and recording time in
    Oh hey Blue, schön mal wieder was von dir zu hören. Hatte dich schon vermisst. ^^
    Wie geht's, wie steht's? :D

    Bist du nicht bald fertig dann mit dem Studium? Du hast ja zu einer ähnlichen Zeit angefangen wie mein Bruder, da müsste doch bald mal ein Bachelor oder sowas drin sein. :p

    Naja, mal so mal so. Aber ich würde wohl lügen wenn ich "gut" sagen würde.
    Es hat sich ne Menge getan was so soziale Kontakte angeht. Leute die sich als gute Freunde herausstellen, Leute die sich als nicht so gute herausstellen, wie's halt beim älter werden so ist. Und die Damenwelt ist da auch so ne Sache.

    Aber ja, man kommt schon irgendwie durch. ^^

    Ich hatte dir ja schonmal von Singapur und Japan erzählt, oder? Das ist momentan so ziemlich das worauf ich mich am meisten freue. Du gehst doch auch dahin, oder? Wann bist du denn ungefähr dort? :D
    ah, yeah, I unfriended everyone when I decided to leave in april. @_@;; sorry! i'm doing good, it's summer but i'm still working all the time to catch up on all the stuff I missed sophomore & junior year. ;-;

    I can't believe you're actually on! lmfao! x] <3 busy these days?
    You're not silly xD. Didn't mean it like that I mean, you couldn't know those things I just said, like I said, I don't like putting everything on the internet so not your fault ;D.

    Anyways, thank you, I'm gonna do the best thing tomorrow and talk to you in three weeks then :)
    She agreed to talk about it so that's not really a problem there. As for the honey part well, it's just a translation I made to understand it in english but it's not really something a grandmother would say so that's not the problem either + she had called me like that also so :)

    As for giving her time, yes, that's what I'm gonna do. I just want to know from her (and really see the words coming from her mouth) why she's hesitating. Then I'm sure why because now I don't know anything about her decision and that's driving me crazy as in I keep thinking why. These are all guesses of me (death of her grandmother; wants to stay friends with me altough she said this herself. I just think more is going on then just that; exams etc.).

    And I'll support her no matter what and I really want to give her time, no rushing cause I wouldn't like that either, I just want to hear from her mouth what the real reason is and so forth. It's just gonna be a talk between two good friends so :)

    And in time, I want her to also see it that she's kinda making a mistake of throwing you know 'us' away. I can't say everything on the internet but trust me, I got calm, I know the situation I'm in now and I know what I'm doing :)

    And I don't think you're annoying, you're trying to help, that's the complete opposite ;D

    Thanks again!
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