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  • it's to make a Halloween version of their six shop mascots, which I designed them myself... and that is already finished. Now what's left is to make four cute zoo animals with simple vectors, shouldn't take too long... Now that the lion is finished, there are still the giraffe, elephant, and dolphin left... I hope I can finish it before noon >_< my boss will definitely give me an ear full by the time i came back to work on Monday...
    I did.^^ We went out to eat for the first time in forever. XD And then we sorta just hung out. What have you been up to?
    ^-^ Good! lol I had to get the freakin history channel to prove it to my dad, he was stupefyingly stubborn thinking chocolate dont hurt dogs. =P

    =3 If she does that well from home she should have no fear of a store. 8D You baked all night!? I bet you made good cakes~
    Whaaat? People dont like cake there!? Srsly?.....Its good that it works better and all but really? xD that's her logic "go with elements"?
    That is a shame then if shes so good at it. lol Now I'm sure you can do it too if you tried! xD

    Thats why they will always drown and kids will always swim. o3o

    No Gram doesn't bake. He wishes he could though. x'D

    Yes, even had to bottle feed her since the mother died so early. >_> It wasn't fun and honestly she only died 2 months ago to.
    It's been fine, though most of it has been pushed to tomorrow when we have a little money. But I'm fine, and healthy. XD
    You can call me Blade, that's usually what I go by on here. :3 Thank you!! ^_^ That's ok, I went to bed earlier than usual anyway. XD
    xD I've yet to see a dog that doesn't do that. Make sure not to give him chocolate either, enough of it can kill a dog.

    Then she should've tried a trial period, selling goods out of the home. =3
    haha that's always been a silly thought to me since humans do nothing but play with fire. (also if you think about it fire is a good metaphor for humanity) You wont know your going to far or not till you get burned after all. o3o
    It is rather stupid but there's nothing that can be done I suppose, old ways are set like stone in older people. =[

    *o* Sweet, sour and salty!? <3 Your making me hungry and its' nearly 2am for me to late to eat! x'D
    Homemade is the best. TuT

    xD In hindsight many of her traits seemed like my own, picky eater, weird about crowds, etc. Not to surprising I suppose, we had to raise her since her mom died not long after the litter was born.
    xD lol That's a picky dog.
    =[ Aw that is to bad. D= Something discouraged her?
    Why not though? The first attempt at any cooking fails, just gotta keep trying! =D
    *o* Those look good! So it's like a pinapple cake/cookie? I wish I could taste it! =D lol Perhaps you could make profit all year round with them.
    She was smart if not rather weird. x'D She was picky about food, like she'd go through all that trouble to eat the pumpkin but when I gave her a biscuit she'd go out and bury it somewhere rofl.
    xD lmao Guess apples are to sweet for him.
    D= She doesn't bake at all anymore? lol You ate the runny cheesecake? x'D
    I know your pain! My sweet tooth knows no limits! ;A; I can't stop with the cookies....
    Do you still try to bake? =D Im sure you'd get good at it like your mother!
    Well she did knock them off the porch so I doubt they stayed lit. x'3
    *o* Your dog eats oranges!? I've never heard of a fruit eating dog before! x'D
    xD That mean you dont have cake?.....wait...you dont have cake!? D8 Your poor soul! Cake and cookies for life!
    xD lol I dont know if she did or not I just know the whole thing was gone most mornings. She may have buried the candle, she liked to bury random stuff like biscuits or such.
    She died just last summer actually, 12yrs old. x3 Dont feel bad. True but its rare their smell leads to vegetables. xD
    It is actually, it's simple yet good. =D

    xD Pumpkin pie~ =3 It's not hard to carve one, especially with a drawing still like yours. All you need is a pumpkin carving kit and a pencil to trace out your face and your set. You should try them once! Carving pumpkins is fun! =D
    Yes, me and my dad love to carve them. My mom dont make one. We used to make them all the time but we had to stop because when we got the dog she'd eat them. xD We dont even know where the candles went rofl
    =D Thank you! lol That's more or less how she was before she died.
    Still not sure what drove her to eat them though. '_'

    WHAAAAT? You've never carved a pumpkin!? =D Psssh Come over here we'll go carve one right now! Ha that's just silly, the trick or treating is for kids maybe but everything else halloween is all age ranges!
    My dad carved his pumpkin earlier. ^-^
    Not with a fork, you may get a bit ways with a knife though. And a knife is needed for carving out the hole to gut the pumpkin with.
    xD Yes, oddly enough she did. She'd go through the trouble of getting them off the porch to eat them. Thank you. x3
    Just some small serrated carving tool I got at a pharmacy store. =3 Nothing fancy. I also used a box cutter in some parts.
    =3 Your art isn't finished? That's alright. xD Was curious is all.

    Speaking of art, I done a kind of art I haven't done it twelve years: Pumpkin Carvings!
    Haven't been able to make one of these in years cause my dog would eat the freakin pumpkin. x'D
    True.:) I'll be fine, its not like its the end of the world or something. XD I'll just be glad to have lived another year. Lol.
    8D I see a stamp. I will look forward to it! When do you think you'll load it!? 8D
    All kh art? xD That's fine.
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