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  • =O So you live in one of those big theres where you have several houses connected?
    ^3^ Nothings better than a house to myself~

    Do you get vacations? 8D

    That's just the talk of someone that's been dominated! =O If you are as stubborn as she is nagging she'll eventually get fed up and stop, it's a matter of who's more stubborn you see~
    How do they have a job then? o_0

    If only that was Xion's only problem. xD

    ouo How are you today? I like your new avie, did you draw it? I should be getting a N64 version of Majora's Mask tomorrow!
    Also I can't get the vid to work. Dx I'll have to try it again after 2am.
    Following the updates back home, huh? Well, to be honest, I don't actively follow. I just let updates come to me, reading or listening to some news from websites or Facebook status updates. The flow of such kind of information isn't regulated; it still isn't that strict. XD

    Yeah, I'm thinking of taking Master's Degree some time in the fields that I mentioned in the last message. Once I get there, I can hopefully work my way toward my goal. You know, bring the knowledge back to Indo, hope that it can help or kick-start a new project, gain some fortune, and give back to the society. Sounds idealistic, huh? XD And amen to that! I hope I can get a scholarship for my studies! :ketok meja:
    Hmm, sounds interesting.:3 I've always wanted to live somewhere more tropical. And Islands too, I have never seen the ocean in person. :( I'd love to hear more about your customs and heritage. ^^ Nope, I haven't. What's it like? o3o
    Oh cool, Indonesia? o3o What's it like there? When's Chinese New Year? Does it stay warm there? XD
    I like quiet places as well. My greatest time of enjoyment is when my parents are away and I have the house to myself. I'd get sick of all that myself. Is the suburbs any quieter?
    =3 Oh I think I could handle that. I love that moment right before it rains or storms.

    xD Yes, yes you can. Their baby WEEDS, let them burn rofl [jk]. =O Your going to the mountains soon? lol No no they dont explode. Though lighters do if you through them in a camp fire~ >u> ....<u<

    Ah now that's just giving in! I'd shove back in her face as she did to me even if it is for her work she can't be selfish and cost you time on your work. If their that bad then her company dont need designers. xD

    xD haha Now now I doubt your piano playing is daunting or a suffer~ ;D Oh now it has to be good or you wouldn't be in a choir in the first place. xD Figues Xions would be complicated *coughlikeher*
    haha I'm sure you'll get it! Especially with such "enthusiasm" for riku~

    xD Yes it's only been one day. =O Are you that busy this week? The days felt slower for me too though it's cause of time change.
    haha I see, that's good. =]

    xD lol The worst part is it's something my father would do to me so I'm very likely to do it myself one day.

    Cause it's true: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/067/7/b/fierce_deity_link_motivational_by_corion13-d4s56lu.jpg
    lol That makes sense, as big as a city is it wouldn't seem very island. You dont like the city do you? =3
    I love rainy days, especially in summer, but I wouldn't want a whole season. xD
    Googled it anyway~ xD He's that guy that my dad watches on the travel channel.

    I aint disgusted their just really annoying. I'm more worried about them crawling under my skin. Dx
    lol Have you ever lit a dandelion on fire? The little cotton seeds act kinda cool.

    Just tell her you aint got the time, you have other designs to make first and she'll have to wait. =3 if she was that demanding I'd go slow on purpose just to make her angry.
    I dont mind rants. =]

    lol Only one ear? Least the drawings isn't deaf now~ *o* You can sing!? Dont tell him just say you have to quit. =3
    *o* THE PIANO!? The piano is boss! Especially when a piano is in the right hands. 8D You can play game themes? That's awesome!
    lol So rikus is hardest?

    xD One day isn't a long time. ouo Why so much thought?

    Here's a funny for you: lmao How'd it'd be if I was a dad.
    Lol, I see that. XD So, busier and busier by the day, huh? *gives you some cake* ^^ Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. XD; its not until the 4th Thursday of November. But yes, we do eat a lot on it. XD Where are you from? :3
    Well, culture wise... I won't say that it doesn't have any cultural heritage, but I understand why you would say that. This country is a huge melting pot and is most probably the one in SE Asia with highest degree of contact with the international community, and it's inevitable that they combine and assimilate elements from different nationalities together. This resulted in its basal culture being comprised of Malay, Indian, and Chinese cultures, and while it's good that it's diverse, there are few things that people can proudly say that it's... so to say, "bener-bener asli, emang pada dasarnya punya Singapore". That's my opinion, though, so please don't take it as fact. XD

    My job conflicted with my dreams simply because they weren't related at all (that, and I've lost passion). While I worked in a company that manufactures printers, what I studied in the university was biomedical engineering. I want to serve in the biomedical or pharmaceutical industry, do something that I'm passionate in, amass a fair amount of money, and build and run either a social organisation for the needy or an orphanage. That's my dream, and I'd die a happy man if I can achieve it. :D
    Hi!!!~~~ How are you today? ^_^ I see the Vulpes Fanclub has been pretty active lately? XD
    That's right. I went to Singapore for academic purposes and stayed for six years. I'll be returning back home soon though, since it's official that I've quit my job here. Otherwise... I will be stuck there forever and won't be able to pursue my dream, since they conflict with each other. XD

    Besides, I'm not sure if I like living in a country where you need to be reminded all the time to be kind and gracious. Kindness and graciousness should come naturally, and if they have to remind you, it's juat pathetic. :p
    Note to self: don't sleep before it's time to. Right now I'm crazy sleepy, but I need to hold on until it's at least 11, or else the cycle would just repeat all over again. Sucks to be me that I can't take coffee... but I'd rather be unable to sleep than have violently rumbling stomach. :p
    Thanks for the friend request, and, um, good "morning". Haha. I finally fell asleep, but not before it was six-something am, I think? XD

    Today's a national holiday? Wow, I didn't know. I've been away from home for soooo long. -_- But I don't recall any holiday taking place at this time of the year. The closest commemoration is I think the Sumpah Pemuda day, but that was 28 October, and it's not a holiday, so probably it's one of those holidays without fixed days... is it Tahun Baru Hijriah?
    But you just said it was an island. xD I dont know if I could take suburbs.
    =[ That does sound boring and a rainy season would be annoying. 8D If I'm lucky enough for snow this year I'll get you a picture then! I love snow. ^-^
    Who's Anthony Bourdain? xD
    haha One of many ways I troll him~ I buy them, I aint got the culinary skill to juice. x'D

    lol I'm not fond of bugs even for observing. There are pretty bugs but there's just that many more annoying ones and I hate their existence. Dx Especially flies and ticks.
    We have all kinds of weeds but none of them move. xD
    Dandelions are over there too? *o*

    lol Working faster isn't exactly something that is practiced. xD Ties into enthusiasm.
    =D I see. How far are you with it then? If he's your conductor does that mean you can play an instrument?

    xD Ursula made my week that week. I dont think your slow. xD

    xD That's one of my powers~ In fact I just answered this one in a few minutes. ;D
    Not really, but that's more to a lack of having anything to play. XD And the most I've ever played of "horror games" were Resident Evil 2 and CoD Zombies. XD; Well, it will probably just be the household for our dinner. We actually have both turkey and ham for it. :3 I love thanksgiving cuz I love food. XD I'm doing ok, watching Monster's Inc. ^^
    Well, you know, just tossing and turning, trying to get some good shut-eye... but no luck. It's almost 5:30 and it's crazy. Lucky I don't have work tomorrow... or should I say, later.

    And messy? Even in a messy state that drawing still looks great, if you ask me. And I just can't picture how wonderful your next pieces will be, because we all grow with experience. You've got some fine talent there, and I'd just like to say, keep up the great work. :)
    I'm kind of surprised that you replied to my message at such a late hour, but I'm one to talk, aren't I? I had too much nap, so here I am, at late-night (or rather early-morning) o'clock, having difficulties getting to sleep...

    Well, that kind of explains why I didn't notice it until recently. I've never ventured to the KHx subforum and it's been a while since I went to Poetry. Most of the time I frequent the main KH forums, Video Games, and Creative Media. Looks like it's not me who's the more reclusive one, hm? :p

    Anyway, yeah, I really adore your drawing, especially the shading on Aqua's clothes. Probably because of the way you did it? Instead of a continuous gradation, it's distinct lines criss-crossing each other. I don't know why, but there's something really strong and captivating about it, haha.
    Heya! Just dropping by to say that your avatar and signature is drawn really well. It caught my attention and I figured it'd be cool to let you know about it. Did you draw it yourself? :D

    OH. You're that person that I came across in a certain thread this other day. Was it the poetry thread? The one in which I said it was nice to meet my fellow countryman? It just hit me. XD
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