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  • Hi! ^_^.I've seen you post in the Poetry Is... thread a lot, felt like issuing hi.:3
    lmao xD Thought you'd like that. I've been laughing for 3 days now!
    I see, you must spend much time at college. If you have a ps3 you can catch up with the HD collections. Sadly BBS v2 has been shelved, whatever that story may have been is gone. Though to answer your question Cinderellas castle was most likely there because BBSv2 was taking place before or during kh1 when Ansem was destroying worlds.
    lol Your welcome, hope you enjoy them. xD There's an creative writing next to the fiction also btw.
    Yes. xD Havent doen this much posting in years.
    lol That's alright, not many notice it. It doesn't trouble me! It's just that its easier for me to see your reply this way. ^_^ With the view conversation link your vm goes straight to my page and gives me a notification letting me know you posted it no matter what I'm doing.
    Im not in college.
    =3 I see, is kh the only game you've played? I can help you with gaming stuff if you need to know something for kh.
    Have you tried looking in non gaming places? There's plenty of threads in places besides the poetry thread! =3 There's the media section for shows and books, there's the art section where all you have to do is say how much you like what the person made and theres a fanfiction section linked to the poetry one that just asks for opinion to.
    lol I became more active again recently in a bid to reach legendary status. Before they changed up the member ranks I had slowed down posting.
    Do you have a busy schedule?

    Edit: Also thanks! It's much easier to notice your posts when you go into the view conversation and reply. =D

    Edit 2: In case you haven't seen this yet, here's a funny for you.
    Easier? All you have to do is click the "view conversation" at the top of a vm and it'll take you to our conversations. xD
    =3 I see. Aren't there any you are familiar with? You seem smart, I doubt you'd get off topic. xD
    lol Going by join year I can say I was always your senior. xD
    xD Do you view many threads? I go through every section looking for post count. ;D

    Also why do you post on your own vm page for? =]
    I'm already past platinum membership. ;] Platinum was changed to silver but now I'm gold which is over that. I'm shooting for legendary. =D
    lol Ah I see it now, it looked like a chow to me. Thanks, vantias is the baddest of boys~
    I think it's a pomeranian XD it's still a baby :3 btw, love ur avatar. Vanitas always struck me as a bad boy hohohooo...
    lol xD
    From what I learned on history channel, there has always been vampire like creatures in myths but their usually more zombie like or shapeshifter in nature [such as they eat flesh and all]. As to where the term and idea behind a modern vampire came from, it didnt' say only that the term didn't start appearing till 300yrs ago. o3o
    wow that's deep man XD historically speaking...
    you mean they only came up with the term "vampire" 300 hundred years ago? that's not very long ago, isn't it... but who knows how long they existed before we even realised they exist. And how do they came up with this idea? I wonder if there IS any proof that vampires existed... Gonna Google it :p
    lol I see. =D I like supernatural too, though I really like things like the japanese pyramid and ancient stone cities that can't be explained.
    Supernatural wise, did you know the term vampire and the modern idea of a vampire is only as old as 18th century? o3o
    Do you like historic mystery type stuff? 8D Japan's Ancient Underwater "Pyramid" Mystifies Scholars
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