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  • lmao Hardly, if anything letting them be is the best option. =]

    Oh wow~ =D You live on islands!? What's it like having summer all year long? I'd miss the snow.
    lol nice. x'D
    xD they look like a porcupine. So it's something only locals can really appreciate then? =]
    lol he can't stand the sight of it. x'D I like to eat odd things with apples juice to mess with him.

    xD Used to, my dads whole family was something. lol Not sure but it must've been fine he still had it. Make sure to google so you know how much to give. >x'D

    ugh Bugs, I hate bugs but they seem to love me and my paleness. Things crawl up your clothes as well!? Damn minds well be naked. xD
    o_o Holly crap it moves! That's so awesome! It kinda looks like a pot plant. x'D

    That's madness, they don't even give you time to finish! D=
    How can you draw a photo of his family when you dont see them? =D Oh I see. Amazing fits to me~ I'm sure you can do it, just gotta believe! 8D

    I wouldn't have made it. xD Though my mentality is often called into question.

    lmao xD It's almost as funny as the image of Ursala's eyes.

    lol I can understand how frustrating that'd be, my father doesn't hear a word you tell him. So I just warn him once then sit back and watch as he gets himself into binds.

    xD Where's Indonesia? I have trouble placing it. haha xD They confuse you for japanese a lot? =D I see, are they any local fruits you like then?
    xD I think so but dad disagrees.

    haha Yes, drunk horses. Anything that ingest alcohol is able to get drunk. Well the owner was drunk himself when he fed it to the horse. xD
    My dad's cousin's. lol xD You can try, just dont give him too much.

    xD Does everything jump on you there!? The weeds sound kinda cool actually. xD

    You do so much! Your sketching your family!? You know music enough to make lyrics!? You doing so much is quite amazing. =D

    lol Makes me wanna try it to. xD It's amazing you managed to wait that long.
    I know what you mean. :( The jump scares are kinda a cheap way to do scary stories. Might be the reason I'm not scared all that much anymore; they've run it into the ground. And most scary movies nowadays are sequels or reboots. There's just no originality in Hollywood anymore. But Halloween is over, so its time for Thanksgiving and Christmas movies and stuff. XD
    lol No no. I didn't make that gif or pumpkins, was just being festive. =]

    xD I dont think I've ever seen a tickle fight.
    xD Relying on it to that extent kinda is obsession, the dependent kind. lol At least your sister tried I guess. xD

    *o* Oh, their kinda pinkish aren't they. Your in japan? =D They must be good if you like that that much.
    ^-^ Nah I'm fine and actually I do drink apple juice. I love apple juice, it's a nice soda alternate. =D
    I'll be expecting that delivery now! xD

    xD I figured they sold it everywhere but good point if it's always hot lol
    xD lol Yes it's been done many times. I've never tried it but I've had relatives that's got their horses and dogs drunk lmao, poor things wobble all over the place. xD Maybe if you do he'll eat some fruit!

    That's good, it'd be bad to be terrorized by hopping worms. xD

    That's alright least one of us is busy. x'D
    What are you busy with? =D

    =D They are amazing! No I dont even have a computer capable of minecraft but I always find the things they make awesome.
    I don't know.:( I haven't had the good luck of watching very many animes to get inspiration. I guess maybe Sora. XD oh, you don't? D: I ate my candy while watching scary movies. X3
    No, I haven't cosplayed before, I'm usually not that proud of my looks. XD but I'd like to try sometime. ^^; Do you? Eh, I just kicked back and watched the old Nightmare on Elm Street movies while eating candy. XD;

    =D Thanks. lol Sadly I've had no candy or pranks but I am getting to enjoy my carved pumpkins~
    No sadly I couldn't find any more after I carved jack, everyone had done bought them all. =]

    =O I didn't say the song annoys me. Tickle fight? xD
    I see your annoyed she lives by it rather than thinking more for herself. =3

    What's a fuji apple? I can't help it fruit skin just makes me gag, literally stuck in my throat. x[
    It's definitely that easy if you know the recipe. =] Just make sure to find a recipe for it before going through the trouble of making sauce. Welcome,, I'd love it if you sold me one for Christmas lol xD

    Antifreeze is a fluid that keeps the car from freezing over I think, I just know it's a important car fluid. xD
    It's kinda weird really, they can't eat chocolate but you can get animals drunk and they'll live. xD

    =O Worms give you rashes there!? That worm sounds like it was out to get him. Dx Hope he hasn't come across one anymore.

    How are you today? ^_^
    Well I can at least wish you luck. ^^; Yeah, I just don't get the same thrill about dressing up anymore. I'm not sure. XD We did 3 in one evening, so I guess a bunch.
    I don't think I'm dressing up this year. But we did carve pumpkins. ^^; *helps you up, and gives you some hot chocolate* That sucks. :C Wish I could help somehow.
    Sounds like you're quote busy. :( I hope youre getting a break every now and then, it helps no one to be overworked. I'm doing ok, getting stuff ready for Halloween. I just watched that movie The Croods, its pretty good.
    My fave part about that link is "I lied" part. x'D
    *o* The synching is good! Song wasn't to bad either. Right now the song stuck in my head is "Animal I've become". xD
    Got a thing against the shuis? ouo

    xD lol Your probably the first person I've meet that truly loves apples. I can't eat them till their peeled. Fruit skin makes me gag xP
    =D Apple cake is delicious! It only took me and my great grandmother 30min to make and since it doesn't use icing you can eat right out of the oven!
    Hmmm I see your point, I dont know of any brand name ingredients used in apple cake. Just basic stuff like eggs, the apple sauce, and whatever else is mentioned.

    Antifreeze. Dogs are drawn to any sweet smelling thing even if it's not edible. =[
    xD She was! Dog didn't like strangers rofl

    Check out the little hitchhiker I found on the parts I was delivering today: http://i.imgur.com/Z6gbwzz.jpg xD It's called a "Wolly Worm", we just had our festival named after it last weekend. (I love the icecream there <3)
    Their a caterpillar even though named a worm, their cute in a way, such a shame they turn into ugly moths. x'D

    A old wives tale is that you can predict the winters where I live by the patterns on it's coat/fur. ouo
    D= Glad to hear the dog made it! I hope she realizes she could've killed him. Him slowing down was likely his stomach trying digest that theobromine compound when animals can't digest that.
    lol Long as it's not many crackers that shouldn't hurt him. =]

    lmao Though it may have been dreadful the day off from school would've made it worth it to me. x'D Though I'm much more difficult to wake even if my parents did try.
    xD You lack publication? Meaning ads? One can make ads with a computer and printer. ;3
    How about admitting it as a habit then? Cause from what I've seen for most that's what it is. xD

    :cool: At least we'll drown in a blaze of glory!

    From my opinion I think homemade apple jam works better even if it's more work. Is apples rare there too? I'll be waiting on that mail delivery now! xD
    OH OH I know a good one you could try! It's easy, my great grandmother used to make this cake called apple cake, its made from apple sauce I think (will have to check) and it dont require icing or anything just bake and eat.
    Their very good. 8D

    Sorry to hear that, I had a dog that was poisoned once so this one dying from old age is better I suppose. =[
    I buried her just outside our yard actually, I can see her grave from my window. Dad dug the grave and I filled it in, I also made the cross.
    My aunt took a picture of when we finished it all: http://i.imgur.com/gIl4wPC.jpg
    All I had was 2x4's so that cross will most likely give in a year or so.
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