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Recent content by blinkboy211

  1. blinkboy211

    NHL 09-10 Season

    Well I made baseball thread and the Football thread so might as well be the one to make my favorite sport's thread. Of course don't plan to see many people in here besides being retarded to bash the sport... So The hockey season kicked off last night and today they have the start of the games...
  2. blinkboy211

    Green or non Green

    So recently I have entered a group at school in my Consumer Behavior class and we are to compare well the consumer behavior for the product. So we are comparing "green" products to non-green products. If you don't know what a green product is it is a product that tends to be more environmentally...
  3. blinkboy211

    Sports ► 2009-10 NFL Season

    Alright so preseason is underway and the season is less than a month away. Of course the biggest splash so far this season has to be the Vick signing. Will the community accept him somewhat or will he deal with the constant abuse from fans even if he works to help the community? Overall I am...
  4. blinkboy211

    Old Time Movies

    So recently for school I been having to watch old films and then comment on them. I was just wanting to see if anyone on here seen any i had to watch or any I am going to need to watch. I mean some of these films are actually really good, but with today's special effects, and amount of action...
  5. blinkboy211

    07 Ghost

    Seen the first 2 episodes so far and rather impressed with everything. Though I did find it weird that in the entire 2nd episode the main character not once made an attempt to remove his shackles. I think has great potential and of course doesn't seem like it will be too long.
  6. blinkboy211

    Bo Burnham

    YouTube - boburnham's Channel The guy is hilarious. I can see him becoming bigger for the comedy world if he can keep coming up with songs. I mean he is like an enhanced version of Stephen Lynch. Also I can see him getting so much of the younger generation because he got his start on youtube...
  7. blinkboy211


    I recently came across the anime, and found that I actually love it. I kept hearing good things about it, but the genre seemed to me a little weird so I was iffy when I started to watch it. Now not saying it is amazing, but just the characters are lovable and comedy is nice. Toradora! -...
  8. blinkboy211

    Public Enemies

    Public Enemies (2009) This really intrigues me. A few years ago I did a report on John Dillinger so I can't wait to see his story on the big scene. The acting of course looks amazing with Captain Jack Sparrow, I mean Johnny Depp portraying John Dillinger and Christian Bale playing the main...
  9. blinkboy211

    Ikki Tousen

    Well I watched the first episode and was incredibly weird and awkward. It was decent and the idea is rather well weird. So I was wondering what are people's thoughts of it, and if I should continue to watch it or give it up for a different anime. (Also this is apparently the first of 3 seasons).
  10. blinkboy211

    2009 MLB Season

    So pitchers and catchers have already reported to their respected teams to start their spring. soon the rest of the team will have reported thus putting Spring Training in full motion. Of course there is the World Baseball Classic which I rather like the USA chances, finally. So of course with...
  11. blinkboy211

    Guns n' Roses

    Well I heard their new single recently and understand the long long seriously long awaited album Chinese Democracy finally came out last week. If you had the coupons you could have gotten a free Dr. Pepper. Well anyway I haven't heard the whole cd, but of course I was listening to a local rock...
  12. blinkboy211


    IGN Advertisement This movie is going to be an Oscar winning hit. The movie is about the interview between Nixon and Frost in 1977 in which Nixon was talking for the first time since leaving his Presidency behind. The movie is mainly a battle of egos between Frost and Nixon.
  13. blinkboy211

    College Hoops leading Scorer scoreless?

    Curry gets 0, Davidson routs Loyola (Md.) 78-48 - College Basketball - Rivals.com This is amazing. The leading scorer in college takes a total of 3 shots with no points, but his team wins by 30. All he did was take the double team that was on him and kept giving his team a 4 on 3. I don't know...
  14. blinkboy211

    MLB Offseason

    Alright all the awards are not given out yet, but there are just a few more so far AL Rookie: Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay) NL Rookie: Geovany Soto (Chicago Cubs) I think both of these are well deserved. Longoria was amazing this year, and was a key factor in leading the Rays to a first place...
  15. blinkboy211

    And the Number 1 game is.....

    Top 100 games presented by IGN Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is number 1. I don't really care for this list too much because I think there are some games rated too high. Though I do like the list in general. FFVII is usually at the top of most lists and I think it was fine at 30. Few of my...