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  • Aww that's too bad but I'm sure you'll find it eventually :) Ok here's my random useless comment of the day: It's funny how KH stuff just seems to pop up wherever I go >_> Manga @ th school book fair, a T-shirt @ JC penney's, a whole shelf of stuff @ Hot Topic...too bad I was w/ my friends and couldn't get anything -_-
    Oh duuude I want that game so bad!!! Well actually the first Dissidia and then that one ^^ I went to my local Gamestop to buy it and they didn't have it. Sadness. Any luck finding TWEWY?
    Haha yeah it's definitely worth it! And BTW, I'll be slightly (if not more inactive) this week cuz I'm goin on vacation but I'll be back on this site Saturday ^^
    Pretty much except it's only one guy in the beginning (waking up in the Scramble Crossing of Shibuya in Japan)and he partners up w/ another girl a little ways into the game (like 5 mins into it). I won't spoil the rest... :)
    Cool!!!! So I can sort of remember the base of it....
    2 kids get stuck wake up in... (I can't remeber). They talk to people but the people can't see or hear them.... Am I right so far?
    Haha thanks it's become my new passion. OK I just finished TWEWY....wow. Ending. WOW. Ok I won't spoil you, but it's shocker on the level of KH2 imo :)
    Yeah it's Music Man. And it's long 'cause on Fridays we do all-cast rehearsals where we run through the entire show. It's actually really fun! Last year we did Beauty and the Beast and I was Belle :)
    Cool! What is it? I do tons of dancing and soccer... but 3 and a half hours?
    Hey! :) Nothing much, just coasting through life. I just had a 3 1/2 hour rehearsal for our school musical -_-
    Oh dang...that's a long drive just for a game :-/ if you REALLY want (like BADLY) you could order it from eBay or something but idk ^_^
    Yeah it might be kindof hard to find it since it's not the newest game around...But it's worth the hunt haha :)
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