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  • XD yeah Olypus Coliseum is a good place to come back and level up in the later stages of the game...it gets pretty hard lol
    XD yes Cerberus and Hades were very difficult for me...I even had to change the mode to beginner -_-' Did you by any chance pick up Cloud? He was on the 4th layer. If you don't, you may want to consider loading a saved game and getting Cloud. He makes things a lot easier. If not, just spam licenses (strength, auto-block, defense). And bring a Cure spell, not Potions. Cure can recharge. Hope this helps ^^
    Hmm... it has the same format, I guess (Sora battles Darkside and gets swept away) except for the Blox and he doesn't have Donald and Goofy. There are also less worlds. Which part are you at?
    I got it! Does it follow the basic storyline of kh1? At the moment it does to me...
    Hey thanks ^^ and yeah re:coded is pretty good not as good as Birth by Sleep obviously! The fact that the gameplay changes up from time to time makes it pretty interesting.
    I need to get Re:Coded. I hope it's out in AUS at eb gmes otherwise...? Well lets just hope.
    Is re coded good?
    Best way to get going is to have a snoop around. I took a while to get going. Oh and lol, impart is right.
    You do become addicted!!!!!
    Hi. Wanna be friends. I'm fairly new to................
    Hey I'm fairly new to this as well! Hope you enjoy this site because at least I'm lovin it!!!!!!
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