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  • Eh, not really. It can be hard to get posts on here.

    Boy don't I know it

    I really do feel like making some really weird thread name in the Spoiler section to throw off the people that want to remain unspoiled. Would be so funny.
    Ehh no thanks I'll try my best to remain unspoiled until I get the game and get to that part in the game ^_^ It's been a while since I've played a game I haven't been spoiled to...and heh yeah sorry about that for me it's just easier to converse on one page.
    Well one of my wonderful friends has now spoiled a couple of the plot points for me -_- Yeah I only got into KH the summer before BBS came out in the US, but I had to wait til Christmas to get it :p I'm now trying to drive the info out of my head but I know that I'll still remember it all when the game comes out >_> oh well :eek:
    Im enduring the wait. Honest to god, I spoiled straight away. Game changing stuff, I will say that much.
    Thank god I had a lapse in KH during the time of BBS, and found out about it roughly a week before it came out. I almost died waiting for it.
    haha seriously! XD Are you also enduring the wait for KH3D or did you import it? I'm doing by best to avoid spoilers...
    Oh right do you have summer break soon? Sorry my knowledge about the world is a bit shoddy :p
    ... No. I'll plan it out a bit then send you a private message with what I got.
    Happy summer! :p Anyways sorry for being away for like nine days...so should we start the RP now?
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