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  • Same here, Only got one recently. Well, I've holidays in 3 days... halleluah
    No problem and no sorry :( My mom is kinda strict about that stuff...But yeah now that summer break has started for me it'll be easier for me to be on more often.
    Same here. It seems like it would be an interesting story and it has a more defined plot. I've been working on some creative writing stuff lately, so I hope I'll be able to keep up with you! :)
    Well, first lets try and think of a name.
    I was thinking of

    Kingdom Hearts: Fractured Beings
    Ack I love both of them! I especially liked the "Lost in Darkness" one. The idea of Vanitas taking control of Sora seems like I'd be a really awesome RP (or fanfic :p). So whichever one you like better we can use...So, um...how do we start?
    Whoops. One on the side of the related vids bar will be

    Lost in Darkness {Sora and Kairi Collab} use that one for one of the vids.
    YouTube - ‪Meaning of Love [

    YouTube - ‪Meaning of Love [
    Sorry for not being on. How about based around these?

    Yeah, so soz.
    Roleplay, right? Sure! I've been on an RP site before but I had to leave cuz it just got too crazy. But with an RP on the same site I usually visit (here!) It'll be easier. So...how do you set one up? I'll check out the rules....
    Haha really? Yeah KH is more popular than I originally thought it was! Another random useless comment of the day: There was a guy on Jeopardy last night whose name was Anselm. Coincidence? I think not! :O
    That's so cool. It's not too big a franchise in Australia, but I once saw this guy with a King Mickey from kh2 shirt on!!!
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