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  • no one flames on my site, cept this one guy but he has -17 rep xDD theres only 16 members so we could use all the activity we can get! lol
    code, soul eater and gurren lagann :D if you really like anime you could be one of the first champloo and bebop fans on my forums, theres threads on a lot of popular anime but none on either of those, we could use some more variety, not to spam or nething but your pretty cool i like your attitude xD would you be interested in checking it out?
    god you bashed that guy on the completely random thread in Future xDDDD it was so harsh xD yeah i like it too, its Code Geass
    LOL; oh and sorry, I cant tell you what I wanna change it to. It might get stolen. You will understand if you read my thread "MESMAR_RISING"
    Lmao; na man. It's part of one of my pass words for another site that I never go on.
    Definately; I am getting tired with this crappy one. Terra99032 (what was I thinking).
    Aye Yeah; thats my goal. I usually post 100 post each week, but I got tired and stopped. I would be on a hundred if I hadn't.
    Not a little noob, a big noob that really got on my nerves . Oh, and yes you do, thanks for remembering.
    Yea I heard that they made metaknight too strong but I didnt know that at first
    I always liked him since I saw him in Kirby's Adventures

    I actually liked Brawl more than Melee
    i just didnt like it when they cut young link
    Brawl is one of the most badass games ever
    I played over 900 hours of that shit
    but i guess is your opinion
    There are a lot of good games on the wii but i have em all and beat em all so now it sucks
    Count yourself lucky you've only got Haxon to deal with....

    Agren's got some meany, ol' nasty shit about me in his signature. That boy doesn't realize his behavior is hurting mah feeliiiiings. :\*

    *No, not really.
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