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  • LOL, tell me about it. I personally think that Haxon 15 is nothing compared to Agren.
    I would, but that would mean I'm wasting my time on him :/
    No my I still have my WIi
    its just fucked up
    I kind of like Haxon I dont see why people hate on him but if i have to then yes i will
    Nop never owned a 360 (hoping to get one this month) I instead sold it for the fuck of it
    Didnt have any good games (my KH was broken and my KH2 dissapeard into thin air) on it
    I think I used the money for a Wii game (had the Wii at the time)

    Yup Im getting close by tommorow i'll be a premium member
    Well I dont have a PS2 either xD

    Yea all im going to do is change it to Asir
    what name are you going to do
    Oh thats cool suck though that I dont have a PS

    Yea Im about to reach it
    Cant wait to change my name
    Yes I did ^^ On photoshop actually.
    I was just messing around with some random pictures I found to see what would happen o.o
    Leave me alone, and get a life.
    Jesus, Haxon reported you? I decided it would be wise to leave him alone if he stopped being a retard.
    Seems he broke that there promise.
    Damn; I just saw your little argument with that douche Haxon15. props, you really showed him who was boss. (this is not sarcasm)
    Hey dude what is Sora supposed to be in your sig
    its been hurting my brain
    Am I a mod? Oh God no.

    But keep bugging him, it's funny.
    Oh man, you crack me up with you're Haxon stuff. If I could rep your profile and make love to it repeatedly, I would. Fuck Haxon Brah, keep fighting the good fight =D
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