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  • We have illegitimate birth, a dark sacrifice, a fierce battle with the enemy -- all the good stuff, more or less. It's nice to see something of Jewish origin claim a stake in the story.
    A positive response is pretty much always a good one. And boy was that one positive!

    I gotcha. Joey's a smart guy, and it looks like it'll be a big project. Not going to lie, I find it pretty uninteresting, personally, mostly because I've never even been remotely interested in fairy tales. Considering I'm on a Kingdom Hearts forum, this is probably pretty peculiar. However, whether I'm interested or not, if something looks like it'll revitalize the Creative Corner, I'm all for it existing, and being popular, and whatnot. So, hey. You gotta do what you gotta do. Go knock em dead, tiger. Or, something similar, I guess.
    I just found Darmon on fuckyeahawesomefantrolls :p

    I just wanted to say that this is really awesome and stuff. Because it is.
    I think they're from Carol Pearson, who was trying to expound upon Jung. (The Pearson Archetypal System) I'll be posting the tale of King Dragonsbane soon, so feel free to connect your story fragment with his -- or with the Black Knight's.
    If you'd rather work on other aspects of the project, rather than help manage it, just say the word.
    Whatever you decide, I'm excited to begin the "recruitment" process.
    I can understand. Just about everyone I know seems to share your situation, though that applies mostly to... right now.

    Uh, I just noticed that you've been on lately, so... 'Sup? Seeing as we haven't talked in... about two months?
    Remember, that information wasn't optimized for map-making.
    We'll send something different after all of the locations have been squared away.
    Although I still maintain my plans for all of my RP projects, I've also decided to
    poll the section. Before we remake FF:CE, I realized that we probably need to test our audience first.

    It goes without saying that KHI Fables will continue as planned.
    Once we have all the locations squared away, I'll send a PM with everything included.
    Each location/region follows a template, which describes the physical layout, society, technology, and relative place on the map.

    Then feel free to send as much feedback as you'd like. You'd probably be able to bring some more structure to the world, and make sense of a few confused points.
    It'll be a while, methinks. We have a list of about fifteen different regions/locations, each of which need to be placed in relation to the others. Furthermore, the world has been altered to exist as three flat tiers--so you may end up needing to make three smaller maps, rather than one large map.
    I'll probably post it in the Roleplaying section, seeing as the RP will be the first step.
    If able, I'll ask a moderator to make an announcement in Creative Media, containing a brief explanation of the need for artists, along with a link to the thread.
    We've created all of the individual locations, but we haven't yet decided where they lie in relation to one another. Give us about four days, and we should have everything squared away for you.

    In the meantime, enjoy looking over what I've sent.
    I need to go running some errands in about . . . two minutes . . . so I'll have a reply in an hour or two.
    Oh, I forgot to mention a (large) project between OmniChaos and myself—for which we need a good cartographer. Would you be interested?
    Oh, I'm working on it right now.
    I've had to scour my inbox for a few old conversations, but the results are looking good...
    My apologies for not replying sooner; I had poles to climb.

    Congrats, my good fellow!

    The educational system has control over me for the next two days; would Friday evening be a good time to start?
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