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  • You know that I've been in the exact same situation, so don't worry about it. Fables seems to be enduring regardless.
    KHI Fables should be chugging along again shortly. By the end of today (or thereabouts), King Dragonsbane will usher the suitors inside, and the Black Knight will resume his knightly shenanigans.

    In case you didn't see, quiteMAD is looking to feature our characters on a book cover assignment for an illustration class -- which is both a good motivator and a reward.
    At this point in the Fables plot, everybody is waiting on an update from my characters, so there isn't much that I can think of.

    Unfortunately, my weekend became much less free in the past two days: I need to write two essays, study/retranslate the first 200 lines of the Aeneid, make several hundred sandwiches for the homeless, and rehearse for a show. None of these were entirely voluntary on my part, and they all materialized during these past two days.

    If I post, expect it to be tonight; if not, expect a post by the beginning of next week.
    I can't tell you how infuriated I am about this...
    I'll be posting in KHI Fables this week, to give it another boost.
    I'd have followed yours more immediately, but papers and other RPs had me bogged down.

    The hype-o-meter needs to reach its former levels...
    Bah, it's fine. I'm guilty of the exact same crime.
    Post whenever your schedule allows for it.
    That would be a great help to me, considering my workload and other RPs.
    (Plus, neither of my Fables characters are able to do much right now.)
    To be honest, I may have seen one finished RP in all my time here. It's a shame, to be sure, but you shouldn't think much of it.
    Oh, believe me?I understand. Not a day passes when I don't regret the loss of Sedgewick Annwn. I'd love to narrate his journey through the Netherworld, and explore the different facets of his character.

    I'd love to finish and novelize The Unseen Veil, for that matter.
    I'd like to see the Knight and the Gnasher meet, myself. Both warriors follow a legacy of being undefeated in battle, and are cursed without their knowledge or control.
    From the final Batman-Gordon exchange to the very end, I was an emotional mess.

    It's funny that you should mention that—because I'm working on a post from the Black Knight's perspective right now. Prepare for a cinematic clash with the Behemoth!
    It's okay, son. Everybody needs to retire eventually.

    in that case, could you spread a little word of it for me at least? it'd be helpful and i'd be grateful if you did
    If you'd like to, go right ahead. I know that OmniChaos and Prophet will soon be posting as Barnaby and the Behemoth, respectively.
    In about two posts between Shannon and myself, the suitors will be welcomed inside, at which point Dragonsbane will briefly greet them individually.

    If you want to post in the meantime, feel free to have Gilead interact with the other suitors (who can be invented as needed) -- or anyone else, for that matter. I'm going to check on FairSovereign's progress, and see whether he'll introduce Gerre/Goros soon. He could provide a nice anchor for the proceedings outside...
    You were exactly on time, actually: I was thinking that I had described the procession somewhat poorly -- then you not only describe it just as I'd envisioned, but give the RP a much-needed boost. The king extends his gratitude, haha!
    At this point, I'd first like to see just how the illustrated roleplay works. If everything runs smoothly, I'll open up Creative Writing to original shorts -- then to RP-relevant works.
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