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  • whoops totally didnt see this until now (and idek if you'll see this response lol idk how forums work) but i did see it and it rocked! im excited for the one tomorrow too
    I just wanted to let you know that if you sent me a PM (or four), I can't read them for some reason. I've been trying but my computer and phone won't let me get access to the PMs.
    Aye, nice! I think the Hades Paradox Cup was among the few things I was missing in order to get a 100%... lmao about the bomb deflecting
    BUt dang... on the bright side at least your sister didn't turn off the PS3 while you were playing... and erasing eight hours of work...
    AlSo there's this singer on Youtube called AmaLee (I think her channel is called LeeAndLie) and she sings some songs from Kingdom Hearts and some animes, and she's REALLY good
    Yoo, sorry about not responding wayy earlier. School's been pretty busy lately so yeah. But on another note what level are you now? And have you beaten Sephiroth yet?
    nice! I've really just been trying to get my character stronger in ux, which thanks to the gem board, I finally guilted my first tier 5 medal

    How's your progress going for kh1 so far? and hmm, it's weird that you can't level up your keyblade if you have all of the required materials
    I try to level up the characters in BBS now that I'm done with the game to do the extra challenges
    but when I came back to playing it I just kept thinking "wait what does this ability do again?" "what was my strategy?" "I'M STRONG WHY DID I DIE??"

    Terra and Ven were the ones that I had the most fun playing with lmao
    Their break times are great and can give you a trophy if you play it on a PS system
    Ha, it's perfectly normal to be killed in one hit lmao. The only way to counter that is by adding skills to your medals such as second chance or defense boost. AND NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO LEVEL UP THE MONTHLY RAID BOSS EVENT BEGAN TODAYYY
    Leveling up is pretty easy when fighting them, soo don't worry about your skill level right now
    yeah, it happens monthly. I thought it would have happened around now tho... but at least the weekend warrior is right now
    Ayye, nice! If you wanna level up REALLY FAST then I suggest doing the Weekend Raid Warrior. I think the monthly raid event is coming up too, so that would be a good chance also
    So yeah, Riku is by far the most beautiful character in my opinion. He has the voice I could dream of and dem muscles I adore. His gorgeous hair in KH2, omg I want that hair so much. I'm disappointed with him cutting that lovely hair though *sob*. Also how he was my dark knight but then is now my white knight, maybe he's my gray knight haha. His Way to Dawn keyblade I became a fanatic about, I actually bought a keychain of his keyblade at GameStop. I turned the keychain into a necklace and I wear it everywhere, everyday now. Then those eyes of his, I get lost in them by their beauty. Playing Riku in KH: CoM was the highlight for me and DDD, only times I played him and I get obsessed with playing as him haha. The strength in his words and his heart is what made me attracted to him from the beginning of the series. Riku's struggles in finding the right path in KH1 relates to my rough childhood which he inspired me to take a better path, the Road to Dawn. Riku's my bae, he my everything. <3
    Oh! I didn't know you were online that time! I'm sorry, by then I was going to get ready to sleep. Hopefully either today or soon I will. :)
    Well, I use to like Axel a lot, but then I realized Riku has a sexy voice and is very sexy altogether and a complete badass. And yeah, that began my rant. :)
    Yeah, I would ask if you would want to join my party but my party is full. I can't help ya with that unfortunately. Maybe you should try and find a good party who would let you join. Being in a party can really be helpful. :)
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