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  • Oh, no problem at all, anytime, man. You can always talk to me if ya need something
    Yeah, sure! I've done a little cosplay myself, idk if you're familiar with the Touhou game series, but one character from that. It was years ago but it was fun, if I had friends who did cosplay and were in the same fandoms I'd definitely want to do it again. I'm not that good at making friends either, and I think it just gets harder as you get older. People are busy and rarely have time to hang out, everyone moves far away to study and work, all that. But I definitely think quality over quantity! I have few friends but I love them all so much and know they love me too, and I think it's for sure best to try and find people like that. Or, I guess it depends. One of my friends is very independent and prefers to have lots and lots of casual buddies, instead of few very close friends. Whatever works, it's good to know yourself and what you need and want. For her that's the best, whereas for me I'd be exhausted if I had to keep in contact with that many people. Good friends for both types are out there, just gotta get lucky!
    Well, spending time with family members you don't quite get along with, or simply don't connect with, can be somehow discouraging, I know the feeling too well, but keep a cool head and don't blame yourself too much. You're still at an age when you shall continue your education/study as much as you can and take it step by step to be able to deal with life later on. Even if you "depend" on your family now, well, me at 20 am in the same situation, but am continuing my studies and will consider a job when there will be the possibility and time. Even so, a job in my uni's city would mean paying rent more than I would initially get paid, so I am lucky to have parents that support me and are open to help me out until I can be completely independent. It takes smaller steps and longer time, so don't despair ^^
    You said you wish you had a friend, how about you start being your own friend? Think and analyze your situation and the things around you, feed your mind and grow as a person, that's a brilliant thing to do. I personally don't have a close friend like you see in video games or movies, I don't have a Riku to my Sora lol, but a few friends here and there in different locations most often whom I talk with from time to time and meet when we feel like it, so as long as I can still talk decently with a few people, that is good enough for me for now~
    Dunno your personal story and there's no need to share it on the internet, but keep going buddy and try hard to be a good person :']
    I don't really know you so I'm not comfortable with Skype, I'm sure you understand. I don't mind talking here though, KHI is a nice place and I'm here pretty much every day anyway. Do you do cosplay often? One of my school mates is really into it and makes her own costumes which is pretty impressive.
    Heyaz, I am playing Undertale a lot, messing with stuff and getting frustrated by the game mechanics lol but... I want to know the story so bad
    and how are ya? ^^
    You'll miss it when you live away from them, but I get it can be annoying. Yeah, sleep rythm is a problem for me too, I just naturally am awake at night and it's my favorite time of the day so it's easy to sleep too long and stay up really late. Night is quiet and peaceful, I like it.
    Yeah, I totally get that. I also get angry when people force me to do things, so I certainly understand ya. Maybe talk to your parents about it and tell them that you wanna be more independent?
    Ohh :/ I know that feeling hahaha. But spending time with your family is good! You'll be able to look back to it once you get older or one of your family members dies :)().

    Yeah, Mario Kart is a lot of fun! Hope you'll enjoy your play session :D
    Interesting. Terra is kind of hard to play as- I love Aqua the most!

    Okay, do that. Enjoy your breakfast!

    By the way, nobody can send you PMs anymore, because your storage is full! I'm afraid you have to delete some :/
    If you're going to a con, maybe you can find some people from here who are going too, there are lots of Americans here. Maybe even some cosplay buddies. Seems you already have some group, but can't hurt to meet more people. I do have skype but I rarely use it, mostly just for calls and not really chatting.
    Oh idk, I've just been replaying KH1 since it came out at least once a year, so I know it through and through. I wouldn't say I'm good at it though, I'm not really a fan of lvl1 runs or stuff like that, I just enjoy playing the game. Sephiroth in KH1 is hard if you don't have Second Chance, but once you do he's not bad. KH2 version similarly is hard if you fight him without the movement abilities you get from Drive forms, but with them he's easy. The organisation fights depend on the difficulty, on critical they're very hard, but on lower modes quite easy too.

    Well, I hope you'll find nice KH buddies from here and other places, everything is better when shared with friends! Family can be annoying at times but it's good to try and appreciate it too as much as you can. Having people who care is important.
    Well yeah, I always play KH on the hardest difficulty unless I'm doing a speedrun or something, or playing that game for the first time. I've actually almost platted KH1 twice now, just need to do the gummi missions again. I just never get tired of that game! Ansem phase 2 can be a pain yeah, one tip I can give is to get Aeroga, which will automatically block his charging attack when you have it up, making the fight a whole lot easier. Just keep Aeroga on at all times and you'll be good.

    So yea KH1 is my fave for sure, but I love KH2 a lot too. Those two are above the others by far. I do also like Coded and 0.2, all the others are kinda mehh.
    Yep, heads up because the battle is pretty tough. I still haven't beaten him yet. I'm around the same lvl with Ventus, I beat his story first then Aqua's. If you somehow beat Master Eraqus before me, please do tell me how. xD
    Nah not really. I mean the PS3/PS4 versions are Final Mix so they have some extra content but same game. I'm just not the biggest fan of BBS so haven't played the FM yet. I'll rather just play KH1 for the 1000th time.
    Nice! Yeah, usually I had a hard time with that boss awhile ago, I haven't worked on Terra as much as Aqua and Ventus. Heck, Terra's story is the only one I haven't beaten. Blame that on the battle against Master Eraqus. -_-
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