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  • I've done it a long time ago, probably a few months back.

    But since my birthday passed, I have PS4 Pro and finally got KH 2.8 and played BBS 0.2 for the 1st time. It's cool. I'm in the process of beating the objectives for it now, but as of right now I'm taking a break from playing it and started the KH HD Collection which I recently bought from the PlayStation store. At this moment though, um...I'm playing Uncharted 4.

    Hey is there a way we can keep in contact with each other besides here?
    Ok so for KH 1, I lvled up to lvl 99! Then with that lvl, I ended up beating Ansem....I still feel proud to this day that I finally ended up beating the game after that boss fight put me in like a 4 year slump of giving up and not even trying to find a solution.

    Now with KH2, there's a problem....I ended up lvling up my Wisdom Form to max and then ended up working on my Limit Form for the remainder of the period of the day. I tried out that method where you have to keep hitting the mushroom at the Treasure Room and then once you're form reaches 0 you have to go back to the save point and rinse and repeat....well I tried that but then I was too focused on hitting the mushroom that my Drive Form ended up going back to 0 and then I had a mini-panic attack from seeing that my Drive Form was 0, and then accidentally went back to the title screen without SAVING AT ALL which caused me to restart the whole process over again..

    And to this day I'm still even internally mad about it.

    Edit : I lvled up all of my Forms so now I'm trying the Hades Paradox Cup. I could only make it Round 19! I just don't know how to beat Pete but I'll figure out a way!

    Another edit : I can deflect the bombs LMAO
    I lvled up Sora to lvl 73! So there is progress made! I equipped Comb Pluses so his fighting is a lot better now! I also have been stacking a lot of potions / hi-potions on me hahaha.
    Omg I wanted to get new materials for my Starlight Keyblade but I think for this week, it's locked so I guess I have to wait until 12:00am (PT) which idk what time is it for me over here in California but I guess it's coming up in a few minutes or I either have to wait until tomorrow or in the middle of the day I think. But yooo guess what I started playing KH 1 again! I'm trying to lvl up so I can beat Ansem (Seeker of Darkness) and I was on lvl 59 for a LONG period of time since I put the game down but now I started playing again recently since the other day before yesterday and I feels really good that I'm making progress? I'm on lvl 63 right now and I at least want to get to lvl 80 or 90 before I beat him!
    Alright, cool!

    I played BBS today and got new abilities for Terra and tomorrow I'm grinding until he at least get's to lvl 50. :D
    Oh okie dokie. I notice that I fight A LOT of Raid Monsters tbh they always kill me in one hit! Even through quests haha! I'm on lvl 32 right now. :eek:
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