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  • Alright, I'm going to be honest with you here. We've been talking only for a couple of days, I don't know you. It stresses me out that you're already putting so much importance on this. You see, how it usually works is that you just casually start talking with people, and the friendship naturally happens, or it doesn't happen. You have been quite pushy. I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm sure you're doing your best but you should really just calm down. It feels stressful when someone you don't even know keeps insisting to be friends. You said it's fine to just message here, but then you still keep talking about Skype and wanting to message more. You say it's fine to take it slow, while going very fast and being upset when I'm not up for it. I'm sorry, but you're really too much for me. I don't have the time and resources to try and sort out your issues, I hope you can find someone you can depend on, but I really can't be that person. I understand that you're sensitive and worry a lot about getting friends, but it is very overwhelming for the people you're trying to befriend. Just take a step back, calm down, and try to approach people in a chill way. I hope that will work out for you.
    Right, sorry, I was messaging with someone else and only remembered the first part of your message when I was replying to you. It sounds like you stress a lot about making friends, I understand that, it's not easy and of course we all want people to like us. I'm sorry I can't be the friend you need, I'm really not comfortable with Skyping, but I hope you'll find someone to do that with too, if you feel like it's something you want. I can relate to the sleeping problem, it really is hard to stick to a consistent rythm and go sleep early enough. Luckily that's very common and many of us have the same issue, so you're not alone with that.
    Chiling with a good friend. Yeah I saw it, I'm not really into any of those/haven't heard of them. But cool cool. And yeah, just take your time with the forum, I mean sure sometimes the threads can get a bit hostile but we have good mods to keep it in check. There are threads about other series too in the Media and Games sections, maybe you can find some threads about your other fandoms there.
    It's ok, you don't have to push yourself if you can't do it. :)
    Neverland I remember doing, good luck against the boss. Idk if you like spoilers or not so I don't want to spoil anything about what goes on in the world.
    Touhou is a vertical shooter game. It's an old series with 16 main games and tons of sidegames. It's my other main fandom after KH, although it's a smaller one. Still has some nice communities. I used to play it a lot with my best friends so I have good memories with it.

    Hm, so how have you liked the forum overall so far? Just go ahead and post in threads, that's a good way to interact with others here and get to know everyone.
    Ugh, that sounds bad :/ Just don't think about it too much. I know how you feel.

    Also, I'm glad you found someone! What's her name?
    also sry it's midninght over here D: so i'll go to sleep now. do still tell me though! good night
    Ah well, I don't know what happened really but I'm sure they didn't mean any harm. People here are generally really nice. Try not to take it too personally and harshly, it's just one person on the internet anyway. We're all doing our best, it's not easy talking to new people all of a sudden, and you are quite straightforward which might make others be that way too and say things very bluntly, I suppose?

    I mostly play rpg, especially jrpg. Not a fan of FF really but stuff like Fire Emblem. I also like indie games a lot, smaller studios often have the best ideas and most unique stuff. And Touhou, which I mentioned earlier.
    I'm sorry if I made you feel bad, that was never my intention. And I never told you to "try harder to be a good person", I said "try hard to be a good person", a statement which doesn't assume that you are not trying hard enough, but more of thing that can be told to everybody, because sometimes it's hard to be a good person. That's all.
    I don't know how you got the feeling you and me met/talked on tumblr before, I don't remember my followers since I never had very active followers and never really interacted with them, but if you would show me proof of some communication we had before on that site, then show it to me so I can remember. That website bears ugly memories for me and this is why I left it completely and wanted to forget it forever for very personal reasons. Also, I don't exactly know who I followed on there and I don't remember either, the communication between Tumblr users is generally a very distant one.

    If I may, I wanted to tell you a friendly advice from the start of our conversations, because something seemed dangerously off - you opened up too quickly, indeed, and gave me many details of your things, even though we barely know each other, so I wanted to warn you not to open up so quickly to strangers, even if that stranger in this case is me... The internet is not the best place, some people may take advantage of your sincerity and find ways to hurt you, be it ignoring you or replying in rude ways or worse. Please be careful with this. Many people don't take the internet seriously and think they can talk and act however they want on here, thus much hate can be created.

    I agree with surrounding yourself with people who make you feel well, and I also believe you have to chose them carefully and not expose yourself so fast, for the reasons I stated above and I believe you know other reasons too. It makes you vulnerable and that's not really ok. I, personally, believe that one must protect their hearts and be open, but also very cautious simultaneously when talking with new people.

    You don't know my personal story, you don't know the pain I had to go through in the past, you don't know the things I endure in the present, so just because of this don't assume I have never been hurt, that I am not a sensitive person myself, and thus want to make others feel miserable. I don't want to make others feel the way I felt and feel, I think you misunderstood me a lot. But if you arrived at the conclusion that I am truly a bad person so quickly, without knowing me at all, then do as you wish and ignore me. I don't want to take away your freedom nor deny your reaction. Just know that you made me feel equally bad by making wrong assumptions...
    Yeah, it's not easy meeting the right kind of people. And knowing who they are, sometimes even people you've known for long can surprise, and not in a good way. But the right kind of bonds will stay, even through difficult times. No one is perfect, gotta see which are the parts that you can tolerate and which are dealbreakers.

    Hmm, what kind of games do you play besides KH?
    My mistake, I got the inpression you were younger than me, hmm maybe because of the way you speak or your views on the topics you shared...
    Nevermind then. I was desperate for a friend or a lover whom I can share everything with before and realized for myself that this is not the point of living, there's just much more and most of it you live on your own for yourself. Can only hope you'll find the friend you search so much for, but don't fool yourself when you find a potential best bud and project your dream friend qualities on him/her when they're not there. Just that.
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