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  • Pretty good here too. Me, I can't believe I'm going to be playing it either WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY, depending on when the mailman gets here. (I'm getting it the day after release day; I just got ship date today from Amazon.)

    Just a little longer..
    Hey there. And thank you for the suggestions! Sheesh, the things I do to avoid my sister's "coping" Youtube playlist. (Not that I minded it at first but the 600th time you wanna murder a kitten. Or several kittens.)

    I might go ahead and make my own playlist as well on PC, then hopefully I can use it on the PS3/4 too. I've had Spotify for a while, I just didn't think about using it for more than the occasional song until recently, when Tunein quit supporting the PS3..
    I believe so. At first I didn't know what you meant and did some digging. You're right, it's from Clannad.
    not much
    I wanted to use discord 'cause on here you can only pm every 10 minutes
    I found while scrolling on Google Images. Something down the line of, optimistic quotes.
    Nah, it's fine. I knew it would happen from the start. I just went along with it. You cool. (^-^)
    Thanks! I found it and decided I had to have it.
    Axel was my previous favorite character before Riku, but I still consider Axel/Lea to be the best.
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