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  • no problem don't get a headache over it. i'm sure nomura doesn't even knows half the answers of kh and he created it.
    lol Well if they say no to Hawaii then me and my friends are going to the UK! Not exactly Europe....But close enough! lol
    lol Nice to meat another person from the pacific side. Actually this summer I migt be going to Hawaii! Wich would ROCK! But probably not happening. lol
    lol Kinda. I spend ALOT of time their. And when I'm not there wich is rare I'm in Manhattan. lol
    How about you?
    Right now I'm in NY and I'll be flying back there in a week. Sigh.....I'm gonna have to do SO much homework....
    ......XD My girlfreind got her and her friends to pin me down and straigten my hair..... So that was interesting....I didn't even know hair could survive 230 degrees...lol
    Then for some reason we all thought it would fun/smart to break into a old womans house and steal her vacume cleaner.....
    lol Thanks for the belated birthday..... XD
    it's onlt the drinks that cost the money....lol
    But for some reason I just wanted those glow in the dark lights. I spent about 200 dollars on them,....
    lol I love raves! I only went to one but it rocked!
    And I'm not the laid/go with the flow type like you....I'm more of a spit fire....type....lol I get into and cause so much trouble/drama that it's not even funny....lol My mouth gets me into so much trouble....Sigh....XD It seem like last week I was still 16.....Oh wait....I was....lol
    lol My bad!
    Yikes....... lol So wait you drink and your 16? Not that I really care....I did....lol And still do at 17.....I love to party
    lol.....You mean drove on the other side of the road as in.....You and one of your guy friends.....ect...
    Or do you mean actually drove on the wrong side? lol
    YOUR BACK! Yay! lol
    I know how you feel.... =(
    This last weekend sucked rorally....I had to get a ton of work done that I kept putting off and by the time I finished my friends already were doing stuff and had plans........It was just one of those weekends you know?
    Yeah, lol It's gonna be alot of fun XD
    Um....My first thought was because Ven was origanaly a experement and Van was his darkness
    extracted and since he and Sora were connected through his light the shape became Sora....But then I relized that was before Ven and Sora ever met.... So in other words....I have no clue. lol
    None...But I do know that KH reconnect isn't were it ends.....PLus Nomura promised a game to explain what happend in the dark realm. A Riku game....So were still waiting for that XD
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