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  • Gah! I restarted my original Black game like a two days before my parents surprised me with B2!
    I'm no where near finishing it.
    Last question and I promise I'll stop bugging you, haha.
    Can you use the memory Link anytime you want? Ect - After you beat the game?
    I'm getting Black2. I can't WAIT to explore the sewers. And there's even wild Eevee to catch.
    But the best of all is you can fight all the Kanto and Johto Region gym leaders and Champions.
    Fighting Red is going to be so kick ass!
    Haha, he's pretty cool dude. Pokemon rocks. I can't wait for Black & White 2. Dream radar sounds 100 x cooler than Dream world is :p
    Thanks for accepting the request dude. I had another account on here before and had you as a friend.
    Also, isn't that Black in your avatar?
    Yo dude. Just a heads up, you have about a day left in the Tourney thread to finish your match with Maku.

    If you guys need an extension, let me know. :)
    wooooh man interesting team. i wana face it lol even though i see two quiver dancers
    How does this look?

    Wait what is your name, friend code, and version? And that Eelektross is shiny right?
    Oh haha same here. I've been playing the Yellow version on an emulator. I had Blastoise (Surf, Blizzard, Earthquake, Hydro Pump), Starmie (Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic), and Pikachu (Don't remember). I was speed running through the game. Blastoise and Starmie are most favorite in my party.
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