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  • It is! Things are crazy hectic at the moment, though still managing to spend time with the girlfriend. :D
    That's awesome that you got a place! :) I've now got 2 jobs, a new place and a girlfriend!
    Well its been around 0 degrees all the time here, it's getting a little too cold :/
    It is! I hate work :(
    I'd rather be cold than hot myself :/ But that sounds like a classy shed though, with internet and Playstation at least. But yeah, a house would be good though, as well as your pup, I'll pray for ya Jaz.

    Oh, I've been okay, busy mostly. Work and school work and school, it kinda sucks, but what can you do. I saw you online the other day and I was like "Aww, I miss Jaz..." Which was what got me to finally get back on KHI and check my messages in the first place.
    Oh my god, that is terrible. I'm sorry Jaz, that really freaking sucks... I wish there was something I could do to help...
    You're clothes will get very hairy and smelly -.- Lets hope you get the house Jaz :(
    Aww man, that would've been a great deal, I've been wanting to play that myself :/
    Haha on my speedrun I'm going to skip Atlantica!
    What the heck! They just gave it away when they already said you could have it? That's crappy! So what are you gonna do Jaz?
    I'm just about to go to Agrabah too :D (not moving through it very fast on account of playing too many games at once)
    And whoa! That freaking sucks Jaz, what happened? :(
    Haha, yeah, Naughty Dog and Atlus are my favorite game developers, The Last of Us and Persona are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-ahhhhhh!!!!!!
    YES! That is the best reason to destroy nature! Where did you start??? Did you watch Days? Days was beautiful! And the KH1 opening... Nostalgia to the max!
    Yes, I love my Vita, its has my Persona collection on it! :D And I just totally love Portable gaming if a company handles it right (Uncharted on the Vita is freakin' fantastic!)
    Why did you knock your tree over?! (I know it was you, don't lie!) And 1.5... is so good! I can never go back to the original!
    Oh, just some Persona 4 Golden and busy school junk :/ I hate school, its why I havent been on a lot lately
    How about yourself miss? :)
    That sucks D: where will you be moving to? Dx Hopefully they gave you a good amount of notice to find a new house!
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