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  • Have you seen .hack//sign? I just finished the series pretty much. I really like Sora, even though he is annoying and traitorous, but he makes a great antagonist/anti-hero. Well, that's just my view though.
    Thanks for accepting my friend request dude
    If you don't follow the rules, and keep giving moderators strife, I fear it might eventually lead to a ban.
    Just follow them, please(which means NO double posting)
    Just saw the two posts you made in the once upon a time thread.
    For the... I don't know... millionth time, do not double post.
    It's just extra unnecessary work for us which can be hard to detect if we don't see the thread for a while.
    Hey, if you see any spam posts or bots please refrain from replying to their threads or posts and instead report them here. Thank you.
    Hey Ajmrowland! Wondering if you can do me a favour.

    I'm going around asking a bunch of random people to try and figure out what kind of stuff they'd like to see here at KHI; things that they'd like to do, what improvements they think can be made, etc.

    Mind if I ask for your input? :3
    hi there...you posted on a thread asking for help, i replyed it but i don't know if you really saw it so why don't you gonna see that?... thanks a lot
    I live in franklin man, ahah thats awesome I know where you are heh.
    you live in wisconsin too? me 2 where do you live?
    Look at it now:

    And with the spoiler tags:

    [spoilers*]insert stuff here[/spoilers]
    Note: Take out the astric.

    insert stuff here
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