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  • Take a moment to breathe; I got yelled at by my new manager countless times tonight. I've been doing my same job for 2 years. I understand how it works. She insults both the customers AND me when she tells me to do what SHE wants while I'm in the middle of helping someone. The customer ALWAYS comes first.

    I've about had it up to my eyes with her. I think I may throat-punch her :3
    You're just ASKIN for it, man! Don't feel alone though, she just berated me for calling Xehanort a troll-ninja.

    It's TRUE, tho!
    I'm totally OK with you being amazed by people's stupidity! :3 And Sign's just doin her job. I wanna knock some heads together meself over this!
    Well it's going to be the first real 3D pokemon adventure game and I'm just so EXCITED! lol I wish they would release a demo for it on the E-Shop for us Pokemon fans who can't wait any longer lol.
    YEAH! haha ugggh I'm so ready for Pokemon X and Y lol I just want to play it so bad or even the demo already haha!
    Agreed. So are you just into KH and FF? Or any other games? Ex - Pokemon, Tekken, Skyrim... ect
    And how about anime?
    I hope it's not to much like our world. I mean... How upsetting would it be to have to stop in the middle of a boss fight because of rush hour traffic? Haha. lol
    Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who did this. I only used mine for Skyrim and Tekken. It's just unused... Oh well. Come November I'll have the PS4. It better have a lot of good stuff.. Like.. I don't know... The ability to turn into a BBQ or something. lol
    I thought that too but were is he? I mean He might be in Terra who might be in Riku or in Terra who is also in a Xehanort or he's chilling out in the Realm of Darkness. Destiny Islands are very weird. Radiant Gardens, Twilight Town, Hallow Bastion and Traverse Town are also not Disney worlds, but those it's the only one that seems to go anywhere.
    So did you also check out the new FF?
    I can't believe it's for the PS4. Haha, I think it would be cool but I only got my PS3 specifically for KH3 cause that's what I thought it would be out on =P
    Weird about Master Eruaqe's keyblade being on the islands right?
    Hey I added you as a friend but I never really talked to you. Haha, sorry. So what's up dude? Hear about KH3?
    I don't think he's really capable of it, though you do bring an interesting arc. Sort of like how Ven still fought back against Vanitas.
    Do you think Sora has the capability of being an anti-hero? What would happen if Xehanort did seal his heart into him? However, Sora still seeks to betray him.
    Also I love anti heroes. Though sora is definitely an ideal human being, I'm fascinated with the likes of Tyrion Lannistr and in season 3 so far, I really care about him.
    .hack//LIMINALITY openings 2-4 (HD) - YouTube The openings are awesome. The anime/manga is pretty much about uncovering secrets about an online RPG world called The World and The World R:2. In the first part, it follows a player known as Tsukasa that somehow can't logout of the game. He and some other characters find out why he can't. And, the thing that keeps Tsukasa in the game is known as a program known as Morgana and she is also the antagonist of the dot hack//sign saga as she prevents Tsukasa from waking up Aura and her losing her power over the game and probably the internet.

    Yeah, anti-heroes are really incredible, especially since you don't know if you can trust them or not.
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