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  • Hey, Adrian. I'm doing pretty well.

    Um, this Friday is the Season Finale.. The one we saw was just an lead-in for the real one.
    Actually, it was a movie that I watched a movie theater. It was about a war between the rich humans that lived aboard this space shuttle outside of earth and the impoverished humans left on earth.
    I'd think all parts of Radiant Garden will be there. Remember, Leon and the Radiant Garden Commitment are rebuilding their home, so.

    I would love to see Toy Story in there. Probably the same worlds from KH1 and KH2, but expanded.
    Destiny Island, Twilight Town, Olympus, Radiant Garden (Lea is there along with the former members of O.13. So, that'll be a big part, I would think so), Mysterious Tower (Probably will be the first to start off with since we are still there from Dream Drop Distance), probably former worlds due to the Princesses of Hearts being in danger, Keyblade Graveyard, and finally, The Realm of Darkness to get Aqua and Ansem The Wise.
    Yep, I fully agree with this.

    Me too! Donald was just fricking awesome! Goofy too! But I think Sora takes the cake away; His hair is flowing, his necklace is moving, and the way that Sora uses his Kingdom Key is just epic! :D
    Don't you think it's time to break tradition and just release important games like Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts worldwide?

    I think that was it, but it will look better when they do the updating as time goes by to the release date.
    Yeah, I think Pokemon is the first.. Who knows, maybe the rest will follow?

    Lol, I watched the same trailer every time and I'm already used to it! xD For a moment, it actually looked like it was finalized, but it's not, but it's looking along already..
    Oh, really? Well, countries have different ways to sell games/books/movies, so.

    Have you seen it?! It's glorious!! :D Man, I can't wait until they really show the finalized products of KH3!
    Probably September for us, considering that August seems likely for Japan players.

    Didn't either Ruran or Chaster say it would be up 7 months after the event? Unless I'm thinking of something else..
    Did I add you for PS3 or not? You could compare it to mine; see what adds up or not.

    I'm more looking forward to playing KH2FM and finally get to see those new cut-scenes in English! :D You remember those, right? Xiggy talking to Xezion about the Chamber of Repose and possible hints that Xiggy knows more than he's letting (which of course we know from BBS).
    Let's see.. I got the trophies of locking Traverse Town, Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Monstro, Atlantic, Halloween Town, Taking down 100 Heartless, found 100 treasures, trophies of Phil and Pegasus Cups along with time and Solo. I think that's it so far.

    Have you seen the new 2.5 HD trailer?! It's beautiful!! *u* I can't wait until it released!
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