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  • I want to be a voice actress and I've been practicing Lea's voice from the new 2012 KH3D trailer where he says, "My name's Lea, got it memorized?" I mean, I think I sound a lot like him, but I want to record my voice, however if I use a mic or whatever device my voice sounds different. How can I capture the true essence of my voice without it sounding different?
    That's odd.

    I guess I could open it back up? I honestly have no idea what happened.
    ohhhh. derp. sorry. haha. i haven't played p4 a whole lot so i don't know everyone's name in it. :p

    I found it kinda funny though, so i had to use it XD
    Naoto? I'm not familiar with that term. but thanks nonetheless! lol
    That's good to hear :D

    It is, isn't it? I agree, it felt like a bit much to throw at you all in the beginning. Took me a few battles to adapt to the battle system. With tactics games, I'm still stuck with FFT's system.
    Just saying, hey, what's up? Since I've been seeing a lot of you lately and figured I'd say hello :)
    My sig. is full. The Fan club is up! If you can find the time please stop by for a visit!
    im REALLY glad I decided to do the bro-fist thing its helped me to make a ton of new friends here. So eventually my sig. will get full & im thinking about making a Bro-fist fanclub! If I did so would you join?
    I've no clue what Persona is about, are they all seperate games like final fantasy, or is it a huge epic?
    Never played A persona game, I'm fairly new to JRPG's, I only started playing FF a year ago.
    PSP is my favorite console too, Im also Duodecim, Can't wit for type-0

    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things - Updated Mondays
    You will love ^this comic!
    Thank you good sir (or madam) your name shall be promptly added to the list, in my attempt to get to know the KHI community may I ask you what your interests are?

    yeah. i had to stop playing it over christmas as i couldn't take the ps2 home from uni so i'm having trouble getting back into the groove i was in before i left as i was then about to fight certain dude who then brings along a massive ball with an eye in the centre if you know who i mean ; D
    YouTube - very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV This cartoon gave me some thoughts. It's a christian cartoon called Adventures in Oddysey or so I've read from the Youtube messages below. One of the messages below made me think that God is like a person is a sleeping person and that he is dreaming and that we are all the thoughts. That none of us or what we really knows truly exist. What would happen if God wakes up would we all just fade away into nonexistence like some Organization XIII did? What do you think of this cartoon? Watch it for yourself and tell me what you think.
    Yeah, pretty much. I just have a lonely life and I think that my life is going anywhere. I feel 'stuck' and I just feel like sometimes I need to do something, but I don't know what. And, I also want a lot of people to come to my funeral that way they can have good memories of me. I'm scared of dying and fading.

    It's sorta like being a real-life Nobody.
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